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Westminster Men’s Hairstyle Trends 2016

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2015 was the most popular year thus far for people wanting to find good information about caring for men’s hairstyle trends.  Google reported that ‘Men’s hair’ was in fact one of the most highly searched subjects of the year, which perhaps says something about the modern man who now wants to invest more time and energy into looking good and aspiring to particular Westminster and Central London men’s styles.

Unusual or distinct men’s hairstyles are a way for a man to set themselves apart and distinguish their individualism beyond the constraints of the office suite and wardrobe.

Here’s one of our favourite latest men’s hair trends for 2016, worn around Westminster by gentlemen looking for a distinctly up-market or vintage aesthetic.  This example of the pompadour hairstyle in particular was styled at our Westminster barbershop.

If classic coiffure is what you are after in your next hairstyle and you are close by Belgravia, Vauxhall Bridge, Waterloo, St. James Park, St James Square, Pimlico, Pall Mall, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Soho, Regent’s Street, Haymarket, come and tell us about your ideas and what you aspire to and let’s get to work on creating another classic gent about town.

The Pomp and Circumstance Of Men’s Hair Trends

A swept, slick pompadour is a great hairstyle for the modern gentleman with medium-length hair on the top of the head.  This fine example was created by Jack, our men’s hairstylist, Victoria Street and is one of our favourite men’s hair trends for 2016 because it is so distinct, perfect for special occasions, or defining your personal style amongst standard short hair styles for men.  It is magnificent, yet quite easy to maintain, despite what might seem like a little too much pomp and circumstance for some.

Great Grooming Begins With Good Advice

Pall Mall Barbers‘ stylists will take the time to discuss with you during a quick consultation and find out about your new hairstyle objectives.  Styling hundreds of gentlemen coming through the doors of our chain of barber shops in the London city centre, from Fitzrovia, through, Bishopsgate, Westminster and Trafalgar Square, we have an understanding of men’s hairstyling needs.

We will be able to advise which hairstyles will suit you best, based on your hair type, face shape and bone structure, Whether you prefer to be clean-shaven, bearded or love sideburns, we will listen to your preferences as well as get an understanding of your lifestyle. Great hair grooming begins with good barber advice.

Jack chose the pompadour hairstyle and now follows our  3-Step Shave system at home to keep this distinct look.  We first used Pall Mall Barbers Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner, and Pall Mall Barbers Pomade.  We regularly recommend this easy shaving regime in our salon near Belgravia and other London barber shops, because it is efficient and leaves clients looking and feeling confident and ready to enjoy whatever else follows in their day.

Hair Care Products Gentlemen Can Trust

All of our Pall Mall Barbers’ men’s hair care products have been created by our team of barbers, who have contributed their experience and expertise to their blended ingredients.  Through extensive market testing, we think are now the best hair care products for men available in London.  Of course, you might say that we would say that, but we spent time doing our research amongst our expert barbers and their clients from all four of our store locations, so we can speak with confidence.

We use the best ingredients for our bespoke hair grooming products, so you can trust them to achieve lasting styling.  Popular with our clients, we may yet add to our collection, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter for any promotions with new product launches that will help you stay on top of even the most demanding hairstyle trends amongst city gents.

Make Time To Develop Your Style When It Counts

So, once you achieve the statement hairstyle, you need the modern gent’s sartorial style to complete the overall impression.   Hawes & Curtis, a classic British clothing store, is ideally situated near our Westminster Barber Shop on Victoria Street.  When wanting to make an impression, why not take time out from your busy working schedule to focus just on you and think about the value of getting the whole classic or vintage look together over the course of a few hours?  Drop in before or after your haircut and wet shave at our barbershop close by to choose the outfit to match any new hairstyle trends you might be thinking about.

Hawes & Curtis has a tempting range of tailored suits, shirts, shoes and accessories for all types of occasions. As the swept slick pompadour is quite a distinct and trendy look, we recommend going for a bolder and more contemporary style and colour of the suit.  For instance, the men’s plain grey slim-fit Italian suit (jacket below), from the 1913 collection would complement the pompadour hairstyle perfectly.

A gentleman’s choice of shoe really comes down to personal taste, but we do rather like these men’s tan leather Cagney Slip-on Brogues, also by Hawes & Curtis.  Of course, the gentleman who chooses the pompadour is as distinct as the next, so tell us if you wear the pompadour and how you complement the look with what you wear, or if there is a men’s hairstyling comparison to the pompadour, that you would like to achieve, but just need advice on how to manage a classic coiffure.

In another post, we will take a closer look at the quiff and variations on highly stylised gentlemen’s hair.  Distinct hairstyle trends require hair grooming products to match, to maintain your new look in peak condition.  Ask our stylists about the current hairstyle trends in Westminster, Soho, Belgravia and Covent Garden men’s town if you want to keep your medium-length hair and also draw the eye as the pompadour style does.
Feature by Sophie Bowman

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