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Shampoo & Conditioner For Men

Image Pall Mall Barbers Product Gift Set

Why PMB Recommend Shampoo & ConditionerImage Pall Mall Barbers Product Gift Set

At Pall Mall Barbers we cut and style men’s hair all day long, starting right from using high-quality shampoo and conditioner for men, because we understand that our gentlemen customers appreciate the whole luxury barber shop experience.  It feels great to help men feel good about themselves; we love what we do. Our experience of knowing what works for the men who enter any one of our four barber shops in London has been gained over many, many years.   Our barbers really know what they’re doing and have long been considered the experts in men’s personal grooming products and styling at our salons in Central London.
We know our clients sometimes use some of their girlfriend’s, wives and mothers’ hair care products when going about their busy lives.  However, we also know it’s always better to use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed specifically for men’s hair, but for many years were dissatisfied with men’s hair products already on the market.
That’s also why we developed our own, after consulting with our in-house expert barbers and their clients to find out what exactly they wanted for their hair care. Salon-based products are always much better than high street ones anyway; their ingredients are better quality, often have been scientifically researched and are based on the direct experience of barbers and men’s hairdressers. Although they cost more to manufacture, their efficacy is so much better than any average high street brand. Nevertheless, one of the things that is often missing is the full range of hair care products that complement each other – in terms of their nourishing elements and scent.

Complete Range of Men’s Hair Care Products

Pall Mall Barbers Tea Tree Oil Shampoo and Conditioner for men have a stimulating as well as deep cleansing effect, due to the combination of organic tea tree and eucalyptus oils.  These hair care products can be used on all types of men’s hair. For those of you who have a sensitive scalp, and suffer from dandruff or itchiness, use this mild shampoo blend from Pall Mall Barbers regularly for it to be effective and see the difference; an irritating scalp will cease to be burnt by artificial chemicals.
Here’s a video of Dan, one of our London barber shop Managers, talking about how our bespoke formula created for men’s shampoo and conditioner helps our clients.

Look, Feel and Smell Good Hair Care Products

Our in-house oil based formula for shampoo and conditioner for men easing back in the barber’s chair, will both cleanse hair and moisturise the scalp. Although oil-based, it does not make the hair heavy, which is great if you have thinning hair.  You will love the fresh smell of their tea tree oil and feel refreshed and energised and of course, look great.
Buy our Pall Mall Barbers men’s shampoo in any of the barber shops in Fitzrovia, Westminster, Bishopsgate and Trafalgar Square or right here on our PMB website store.
Looking good is always a priority of the modern gent, so why not also treat yourself to caring for your hair and scalp to add to feeling good top to toe after showering or bathing using our range of men’s hair products?  Alternatively, surprise  someone with the perfect feel good gift of a personalised selection of men’s grooming products from the Pall Mall Barbers bespoke range, expertly presented for you.
If you are around city centre London, why not drop by and experience the full hairstyle and care treatment and get our expert barbers’ advice about which styling products are best for your particular needs?

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