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How To Be The Modern Gent

Daniel Day Lewis in a Tuxedo

A true gentleman respects himself and always takes pride in his appearance.  Because he is at ease with himself, he is always well mannered and respectful of the people around him.  He is always polite to those who deserve his manners and most importantly, he cares about taking care of himself and the impression he creates.
After talking about how our most respected gentlemen clients who come into their local barber shop in Fitzrovia, Westminster, Bishopsgate and Trafalger Square conduct themselves,  we came to the conclusion that there were some basic rules on how to be a modern gentleman that others look to as an example, or aspire to being like.

  1. As the contemporary gentleman, you always take pride in your appearance.  It takes so little for a man of distinction to always look well groomed and smell good in public.  We know that looking good and having others complement you on your scent makes you feel good. With this in mind our luxurious range of Pall Mall Barbers products are all scented.  Their lasting impact ensures your moustache, beard and/or your hairstyle always look and smell fantastic. Our men’s grooming products have been developed with the variety of modern gentlemen we see come through our doors in mind.  There is a product selection for every man who appreciates the impression he leaves behind.
  2. Wear clothes that are tailored to your body and in natural fibres as much as possible.  Keep it simple, yet elegant, by investing in a few well-fitting suits, fitted shirts, chinos and jeans. Accessorising a fitted trouser with an appropriate belt and even socks really helps bring an outfit together and offer clues to your identity. Your clothes don’t have to be all designer brands to speak of sophisticated tastes, but they do need to be good quality and ideally should be tailored for special occasions, or at the very least be a perfect fit. Ill-fitting clothes make a man look like he is not able to take care of himself.  Details matter.
  3. Scuffed shoes are never a good look, especially with smarter styles for workdays or even smart casual trainer options for weekends. Keep them strictly for walking the dog in bad weather!
  4. Always dress appropriately for the occasion.  It is better to be a little over-dressed than a little under dressed for you to continue feeling confident and also looking like an interesting and competent individual.
  5. Modern gentlemen care about their personal grooming routines.  Unless you are growing your facial hair, avoid risking stepping out in public with more than a day’s worth of stubble. You never know whom you can end up talking to and who you might want to impress.
  6. Maintaining a well-groomed appearance should be part of your lifestyle habits. Include making time to clip your nails, pumice your feet and take care to remove ear and nose hair in your personal grooming. Unkempt is unattractive and sloppy habits risk sliding standards of appearance.
  7. Modern gentleman consider the needs of others; they are always polite, make efforts to be diplomatic and helpful to the people around them.  Chivalry costs nothing and is courteous.  It is not offensive to offer your seat to a lady or someone older than you on London’s public transport.  Helping parents struggling up flights of stairs with prams and holding doors for people will always be appreciated and generates smiles that can lift someone else’s day.
  8. Being respected means becoming organised and arriving on time, or even a little ahead of time, to check you still look the part.  The modern gentleman will always seem completely in control of himself and feel ready to handle whatever the day may throw at him.

In our modern world, whether town or city living, or even in rural areas, it can often seem as if traditional standards of dress and personal grooming are dead.  Pall Mall Barbers are busy building our brand, training, pop up shops and mens grooming products that bring together the epitome of the contemporary gentleman lifestyle, to help the busy modern man more easily get on with his day, confidently and as smoothly and effortlessly as humanly possible.

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