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Grooming Tips: Beard Trim London Barbers

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Here’s what one of our clients had to say about our beard trim London Fitzrovia branch: “Possibly the best beard trim I’ve ever had. Cannot recommend highly enough.” – Chris At Pall Mall Barbers, we’re known for giving the best beard trims in the business. And we know our customers are absolutely delighted with the… Read more »

Decembeard Beard Grooming Tips

If you’re reading our blog, you’ve probably at least heard of Movember by now (and if not, get up to speed here). But how about Decembeard? No? We understand. It doesn’t quite have the name recognition of its dapper elder brother, yet. But as experts in male grooming, we at Pall Mall Barbers feel it’s… Read more »

How to make facial hair grow quicker

With beards and moustaches continuing to be one of the strongest male grooming trends, we’ve put together a simple 6-step guide on how to make facial hair grow quicker. With an increasing number of male celebrities leading the way, facial hair has become a form of status to many men across the globe, but particularly… Read more »

Easter Beard Art Style For 2016

The artistically, humourously and creatively styled barber shop beard has been quite the hit with the ladies in recent years and has been evolving to contemporary tastes and fashions.  Also, there are many more eccentric styles around and these are becoming the hottest trends in ‘gentlemansville’, (that’s near any of our shops in Fitzrovia, Westminster, Bishopsgate or… Read more »

Beard Style in 2016 from Bishopsgate PMB Barbers

2015 was definitely the year of the individual beard style, a trend showing absolutely no signs of slowing down this year.  Here’s one of our favourite beard fashion trends for 2016, popular amongst our Bishopsgate clients. Wet Shave and Beard Trim. Aldgate Barbers Store.  Styled by Cara. After a beard trim for a full beard and moustache… Read more »

Beards in 2016

Beards are getting evermore popular. As what restarted from a few hipsters and models going for a different look has now spread throughout. A few years ago it was essential for a gentleman to shave before work, meetings and social gatherings. It is now acceptable and in some cases preferred if a gentleman has a… Read more »

Beard Grooming Tips to Maintain Beard Shape

Care for beards with a good Beard Oil

You know how it is. You get a great job done at the barber shop with a new stylish beard you can now confidently face the world with. Within a week, you are wondering if you now need another beard trim or even have done with it and shave it off. Beard shaping isn’t just… Read more »

Beard Trimming in the City of London

beard trimming in the city

Beard trimming in the city of London Looking to keep your beard in tip top condition and have it trimmed to perfection? Then look no further, because luckily for you, Pall Mall Barbers are the beard experts! And with 4 barber shops in city of London,  latest barber shop near Liverpool Street,  beard trimming &… Read more »