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3 luxury watches we want right now

luxury watches

A sector valued at over £14 billion, luxury watches have become big business and a modern must-have for every self-respecting British gentleman, so here are 3 luxury watches we want now.
A luxury watch can actually be an investment for your career as well as your image. An expensive watch communicates success, which means people, specifically potential business clients and colleagues, are more likely to take you seriously. Why? Because appearances are important and visual indicators can affect the first impression you create: humans inevitably judge others immediately on how intelligent, successful, attractive and stylish they are based on those visual first impressions.
hublot big bang luxury watches
Boutique craftsmanship is flawlessly expressed by Hublot, stocked exclusively by Harrods and the Hublot boutique on London’s New Bond Street.
Our current favourite is the Big Bang Gold design – a truly impressive object by itself, Hublot watches are hand assembled and this particular model has 257 components.
brera luxury watches
Meticulous Italian design complemented by Swiss-made movements, Brera is a slice of wrist luxury more affordable than most.
We were immediately drawn to the beautifully crafted Brera Orologi Supersportivo collection – inspired by the undeniable allure of super sports cars.
luxury watches
Another Italian brand, U-Boat are a renowned luxury fashion accessories brand for men.
You can’t help but admire this stunning Black Swan design. Solid 18k gold, encrusted with black and white diamonds – it might be a bit more bling than you’re used to, but it’s truly eyecatching.
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