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Top tips on how to host an important business meeting

how to host a business meeting

There is so much more to business than simply selling a product or service required by a client. With an increasing level of competitors entering the market every day, often armed with fresh USP’s and competitive pricing, it’s important to be perceived as the type of gentleman clients can build rapport with, and wants to enter a business partnership with; so here are our top tips on how to host an important business meeting over lunch.

Business Lunches

  • ‘Power lunches’ create a more personal and intimate environment for you to discuss business with a potential client, partner or investor.
  • Dress appropriately for the meeting and industry, in the City that means a well-fitted suit and tie – whereas in a more creative industry, you can probably get away with a more casual look.
  • Remember that as a gentleman, offering your guest the lunch invitation makes you the host, meaning the meal should be at your expense.
  • Make a reservation in advance at an appropriate venue, and tailor it to your client. Wiltons is famed as being the restaurant where London’s biggest business deals are made. Sushi Samba or Aqua at the Shard have impressive views.
  • Arrive early – you should never keep your guest waiting. Arriving early allows time to go over everything beforehand, ensuring it runs smoothly.
  • Always remember to turn your mobile phone off or to silent – you are paying for your guest’s time at this point, so you need to ensure they have your full attention.
  • Allow your guest to leave the venue first after communicating lunch is on you, preferably before asking for the bill and paying it in front of them.
  • Although it can build rapport to consume alcohol as well as break bread with your guest, go easy on the drinks. A two-drink maximum should be enforced not only to keep a clear head but you’ll be perceived as professional if you know when to stop.
  • Order food that’s easy to eat. Dishes such as noodles and soup can be messy and make retaining good table manners difficult.
  • Treat all restaurant employees with polite manners at all times – a gentleman shows his true colours by how well he treats others.

Now that you know how to host an important business meeting, you can start reeling in those deals. But make sure your hair is looking sharp first by booking an appointment online!

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