August is the most popular month to get married, so it’s more than likely the majority of us will have at least one last-minute wedding gift or outfit to purchase this month, so here’s the gentleman’s guide to wedding guest etiquette.

Though we may not always realize or admit to this, the ladies in our lives often out-perform our organization skills and handle the entire wedding invitation process from beginning to end effortlessly often with outfit and shoes brought and pressed weeks in advance, as well as wedding gifts well thought out, purchased and gift wrapped well in advance of the wedding day.
For those of us, here are some important points to consider for one of the most important days of your loved one’s life.

You have to RSVP as soon as possible; the happy couple budget everything based on the number of people attending, so late responses are not only extremely unwelcome, they’re also perceived as bad mannered

The wedding gift; follow guidelines set out on the invitation. Many couples will have a wedding list at a specific department store, but some couples may request you put money towards their Honeymoon fund or even donate to a charity in their name

The invitation will clearly state who is invited; it may just be for you, you and a guest such as your girlfriend, or may include your children. If your children are not invited by name, organize someone to look after the children well in advance

No-shows are unforgivable; unless there is a serious health or family emergency, you should never miss a wedding and if you have to, it’s of course good manners to let them know as much in advance as you possibly can

Choosing an outfit; it’s becoming increasingly popular for weddings to have a theme, so it’s important to check the invitation and style your outfit accordingly. For example, if the wedding has a beach chic or vintage theme, Google some style inspiration and dress accordingly on the day

Always leave for the ceremony earlier than required; delays happen, but in general, walking into a wedding late is not only bad mannered, but also disruptive!

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