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Dating dos for the modern gentleman

Dating dos for the modern gentleman

If you’ve seen the movie Think Like a Man, you’ll already know that the first few dates set the crucial window of opportunity given to you to woo the partner of your dreams, so here are the dating dos for the modern gentleman.
Firstly, remember that your date is judging everything you do from an angle of how much you like them, in terms of effort and the thought you’ve put into those all-important first five dates.
You don’t have to take your date to the most expensive Michelin-star restaurants, but you do need to show that you like them enough to make some effort to win their time and heart, so follow these dating dos;

  1. Put some thought into the date; know the person you’re taking out and build the date around their personality. For example, some dates would love a sunny day rowing-boat activity in London’s Hyde Park, where as others may like a more adrenaline-fuelled date such as indoor skydiving. Everyone wants to feel wanted and special on a date, so turning up looking like you dragged yourself out of bed or asking to go Dutch on the bill are absolute no-nos.
  2. Dress for the occasion; wherever you’re taking your date, dress in well-tailored appropriate clothing, spritz some cologne and carry mints with you
  3. Be a gentleman; open doors for your date (including the car), pull out their chair before they sit and put your phone on silent; there is no place for checking your Facebook notifications whilst you have a beautiful date in front of you expecting your full attention
  4. Compliment without being cheesy; when your date first arrives, tell them they look amazing.
  5. Ask questions to get to know your potential partner; don’t only talk about you, ask about them and what makes them tick. An interview-like interrogation of their five-year plan is not advisable
  6. Be a gentleman throughout; no matter how well you get along, never ask them to come home with you on the first few dates. They will respect you for it and will realise they have been lucky enough to find a rare gem in a rapidly degenerating dating scene. This is also of imperative importance if a date happens to drink too much on the first few dates; your response will set their judgment on your morals as a man and your feelings towards them

Image source: JamesVincent

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