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The Bishopsgate Barber: Exploring the area

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Our Bishopsgate barber shop on Houndsditch is tucked neatly between Liverpool Street, Commercial Street and Aldgate, right in the heart of the City of London. The store is a near both Shoreditch and Spitalfields and a short stroll to the Bank.
One of the few barber shops in the area, Pall Mall Barbers’ team of expert barbers are always on hand for beard trimming, wet shaves, men’s haircuts and styling – sharing their expertise to provide the best service in the square mile.
Near fashionable Shoreditch and the vibrant Spitalfields market, the Bishopsgate store is ideal for gents working in the city to look their sharpest for those important meetings and deals or to relax with a luxurious wet shave.
Bishopsgate is an area full of history – playing home to a 200-year-old pub amongst many surprising historic finds. Some of the oldest churches in London, as well as the site of a former barracks. The area itself was full of warehouses, storing spices and exotic items brought back by the various trading companies based in the City of London.
Houndsditch was historically the site of a defensive ditch that ran alongside the London Wall – and in the early 1900s even had its own department store known as the Houndsditch Warehouse.
Today, the area around Bishopsgate is a thriving centre of business and finance – full of some of the most iconic architecture in London. 30 St Mary Axe, better known as ‘the gherkin’, and the brutalist style of Lloyd’s Building are two of the most striking – and are contrasted against the rich and historic Leadenhall market. The neighbouring Liverpool Street and Bank stations make it easily accessible from throughout the city.
The ideal look for the modern city gent was created by Marii in our Trafalgar Square store.

To get this look ask for a clipper on the left-hand side and a textured, tousled length on top. Use a small amount of pliable clay to style the hair.
Why not book yourself in for a wet shave or haircut at our Bishopsgate barber shop today with our online booking tool?

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