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Wedding style for men in 2016

wedding style for men 2016

With traditional versus modern often complicating every style choice we need to make for smarter occasions, we’ve compiled a list on how to nail wedding style for men 2016.
Unless it’s a beach wedding, which isn’t very likely in the UK, men should always opt for smart lace-up shoes over slip-on shoes. However, if the wedding has a vintage/hipster theme, it may be more appropriate to choose lace-ups.
A great pair of cufflinks can add a little charisma to your wedding look without being too over the top.
It’s hard knowing how to dress for weddings in general, without the unpredictable English weather struggles adding to the difficulty. It is “summer” now, but it could hail halfway through the ceremony, so we recommend wearing a loose fitting long-sleeved shirt for comfort underneath a blazer you can remove if you get too stuffy. Short sleeves, though more practical, would look out of place and informal at a wedding.
Bow tie or tie?
Both are acceptable for modern day weddings. If the wedding couple is quite traditional, a simple black tie or bow tie looks formal, and for the more hipster couple, an artistic bow tie adds a little more charisma to your wedding look.
Be well groomed
Get a fresh trim and wet shave the day before, and use relevant products on the day for a sleek well maintained look, such as Pall Mall Barbers Beard Oil or Moustache Wax.

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