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Get Leonardo DiCaprio’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood look

Leading man Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the latest Quentin Tarantino movie ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ – starring alongside fellow heartthrob Brad Pitt – in performances lauded by reviewers and tipped for the awards season.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s starring role in Once upon a time in Hollywood comes with a timeless, classic haircut, which will suit most gentlemen.

 What should you ask your barber for?

First off, you will need to ask your barber for a scissor cut, leaving around 2-3 inches left on the sides. For the neckline, ask for it to be tapered, and ask for the top of the hair to be about 2-3 inches longer than the back and sides. To style, the sides will need to be swept back and top bought back and across to the preferred side for the parting. To maintain this haircut you will need to visit your barber approximately every 4 weeks.

How to style and what products to use?

To best style, this haircut, use the Pall Mall Barbers Sea Salt Spray whilst the hair is still wet, and blow-dry into style with a Denman brush to brush the sides back. The Sea Salt Spray is perfect to help encourage a wave or curl and is also able to provide the subtle hold needed for keeping this particular style in place.

Create a perfect parting line when the hair is damp, pull a comb through the hair from front to back and you will see a line created by the teeth of the comb.

After push the hair slightly forward with your fingers and you will be able to see where the hair naturally falls. Use the comb to push the hair either side of the natural fall over the parting, and you’ll have a perfectly straight parting line.

Who would this haircut suit?

Typically, if you are someone with wavy hair or hair with a slight curl to it, this haircut will suit you. But if you are someone who likes to run straight out the door in the mornings, this isn’t for you: the hairstyle does require a little maintenance and will need styling in the morning.

A classic, neat hairstyle that will work perfectly for anyone who likes to look smart at work. To properly style, we suggest using the Pall Mall Barbers Light Dressing Cream.

As with all styling products, take a small amount of Dressing Cream, roughly the size of a penny, and smooth over the hair – and build up if you need more. You’re always able to add extra product if needed, but it can’t be taken away!


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