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Shaving Lesson from Professional Barbers

Double Edged Razor Shaving Lesson

Have you ever thought about having a shaving lesson?
You’ve probably been shaving for years, but have you ever wondered if you’re doing it right? Okay, so the result may look alright but is there any way you could be getting a closer, smoother shave?
At Pall Mall Barbers in Central London, our barbers are the very best at what they do.  Their experience has been built up over years of barbering and their knowledge is often sought by the media – you might have seen them on various TV programmes and in high-profile publications sharing their expert advice.
So what better way to get top tips on your daily shaving routine than booking in for a shaving lesson from the best in the business?  You can book online or why not treat someone you know to a gift voucher for one of these shaving lessons?
We have 3 different types of shaving lessons:
Open Blade:
This is the epitome of the masculine self-care ritual. Our barbers will teach you how to shave properly with an open blade – you’ll learn about hair growth, skin products, the right way to hold the blade and how to save money on blades in the long term.  Once the most popular way for men to shave, the open-blade razor is becoming more popular again.
Safety Razor:
You’ll learn the art of the safety razor with advice and a personal demonstration on how to get the closest shave possible, how to use the right products and make sure your skin’s condition is optimised.
Double Edged Razor:
A very popular razor, learning how to use a Double Edge Razor will help you achieve excellent results with your daily shave. As well as offering you a brilliantly close shave you will also save a substantial amount of money over time by using one, as blades for the Double Edge razor can be much cheaper than typical replacement blades. It’s a beautiful-looking piece of male grooming equipment and will last you many years.
A shaving lesson gift voucher would make a great present for the man who has everything.  It’s a real treat and the benefits he’d pick up would last a very long time.  So, go on, treat him….. or yourself!

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