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Pre-Shave Scrub

Preparing your skin with a pre-shave scrub.
You’ll often hear a professional barber say that one of the first steps in getting a smooth, close shave is to prepare the skin. And so, after years of experience shaving the men of London, we’ve developed our very own Pre-Shave Scrub.

Pall  Mall Barbers Pre Shave Scrub contains prickly pear seed oil that moisturises the skin, whilst the Amazonian guarana seeds add texture to this invigorating scrub. So not only will it remove any surface dead skin cells but it will do so gently without pulling on the skin and aggravating it. It’s therefore ideal for sensitive skin. Our  pre-shave scrub also contains, cocoa butter and shea butter, some of the best ingredients to lubricate and soothe the skin.
This is the first step in our unique 3 Step Shaving System – a system designed by professional barbers in our London barber shops, that not only protects and nourishes your skin, but also ensures that you get a smooth, close shave. Using the Pre-Shave Scrub as part of your shaving routine will help to open the pores and remove dead skin cells, helping the hair bristles to stand up and for your razor to get closer to your skin.
To use this Pre Shave Scrub, all you need to do is to wet the face with some warm water and apply a one pump dose. Massage gently into your skin for a couple of minutes and then and rinse your face with warm water a few times. Pat dry with a towel. You’ll notice a difference in the feel of your skin straightaway.
If you’d like to try the Pre-Shave Scrub and better prepare your skin for its daily shave, you can buy it on our website or in any of our Central London barber shops. It would also make a great present for any guy who’s looking to improve the condition of his skin and the quality of his shave.  It can be bought individually or as part of the Pall Mall Barbers 3 Step Shaving System.
For advice on using the Pre-Shave Scrub, watch this video of Erin demonstrating each step in our 3 Step Shaving System.

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