Men’s cologne is a very personal choice, but as one of the oldest and most respected barbers in Central London, we’ve got years of experience that has given us great insight into what men really like and the types of products and scents that they’d choose.

Using this experience, we recently launched our classic signature men’s cologne. Developed and designed by Pall Mall Barbers, our men’s cologne has top notes of spicy clove and rose spiked with lively, woody hints of cardamom and almond. This clean, energising scent is further enriched with sandalwood tones and base notes of sweet vanilla and tobacco.

It’s light enough to be worn during the day but spicy enough to be suitable for the night time too. It’s the perfect finishing touch for your skin after shaving and  compliments our popular 3 Step Shaving System that was also specially designed to make your shaving experience exceptionally smooth.

Our men’s cologne is available in a classically styled, very sophisticated looking 50ml glass bottle and can be bought on line or in one of our barber shops in London.

Especially for the Christmas season, we’ve put together a great gift set comprising of our eponymous 3 step shaving system along with a bottle of our men’s cologne.  It would be a lovely gift for someone really special.  Have a look at the full gift set for men.


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