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Barbers in Covent Garden

Barbers in Covent Garden

Pall Mall Barbers Trafalgar Square

Where is it?
27 Whitcomb Street
0207 930 7787
How to book?
Book an appointment in your own time without even having to pick up the phone.
Simply click here and follow the quick and easy online booking process. Alternatively, you can book via our app which is available to download on The App Store and Google Play.

About Pall Mall Barbers

When businesses brag about being well-established, they are usually talking in the ballpark of decades. Our Trafalgar barbershop has been around since 1896 and is the ‘village elder’ of our roster. However, you can teach old dogs new tricks as this parlour of grooming comes equipped with master barbers and hairdressers who are experts and executioners in all styles, cuts and shaves from the classic to the contemporary. That’s what makes Pall Mall Barbers the best barbers in Covent Garden’s vicinity.

It was the history and heritage (or should that be heritage?) of the Trafalgar area which inspired us to go full cream ahead and launch our range of grooming products for men. From our signature Sandalwood & Clove cologne to the shaving range, accessories, oils and hair styling products – the culture of barbers in Covent Garden played a major role in their fruition.

When the local convent decided to partition some of its lands off for recreational purposes, Covent Garden was born. This area is top of the list for most tourists when they visit London because of its street performers, quirky eating destinations and alfresco feeling. Now, if you are looking for barbers in Covent Garden, Pall Mall Barbers should be at the top of your list because we are the best, most established team of barbers in Covent Garden.

Located just a quick stroll away in Trafalgar at WC2H 7EP, it was only right that we introduced some pioneering barbers in Covent Garden for locals and visitors alike to take advantage of. Since 1896, our humble abode of barbers in Covent Garden has witnessed ups, and downs, epidemics, epic events and much more; the one thing which remains consistent to this day is the quality of service provided by our barbers in Covent Garden.

Barbers in Covent Garden
Pall Mall Barbers Trafalgar Square

Barbers near Chandos Place

Where is Chandos Place?
Chandos Place,
London, WC2N 4HG

How far is Pall Mall Barbers from Chandos Place?

Walk – 7 minutes
Go to 27 Whitcomb Street, Trafalgar, London, WC2H 7EP
Named after Lord Chandos, the first residents of this street were gentlemen, knights, tailors and royal coachmakers. Our barbers near Chandos Place don’t serve many knights but every single person who steps into our barbers Covent Garden certainly leaves as a gentleman, prim and proper. We are located at WC2H 7EP in Trafalgar, just a comb’s throw away from you!

Barbers in Covent Garden
Through the window at PMB Trafalgar Square

Barbers near Drury Lane

Where is Drury Lane?
Drury Lane,

How far is Pall Mall Barbers from Drury Lane?

Walk – 9 minutes
Go to 27 Whitcomb Street, Trafalgar, London, WC2H 7EP
In Saxon times, part of Drury Lane was granted to the Danes by Alfred the Great as part of a peace treaty. Since 1896, Pall Mall Barbers the great gentlemen’s groomers have granted locals access to the finest, best barbers near Drury Lane. We are a short walk away towards Trafalgar Square and we offer excellent men’s hairdressing services thanks to our prestigious team of barbers near Covent Garden who are on hand to be the architects and artists of your hairstyle. If you are looking for good, established barbers near Drury Lane simply make your way to our emporium at WC2H 7EP.

Barbers in Covent Garden
Michael in action at Trafalgar

Barbers near Long Acre

Where is Long Acre?
Covent Garden,

How far is Pall Mall Barbers from Long Acre?

Walk – 5 minutes
Go to 27 Whitcomb Street, Trafalgar, London, WC2H 7EP
King Charles, I once told the owner of the Long Acre area to build as many things on the land ‘as he shall think fit and convenient – and that’s exactly what he did. Without that license to create, Long Acre wouldn’t be the bustling, busy and business-friendly place it is today. Fast-forward to 2018 and we tell the gentlemen of this area that they should have haircuts as they shall think fit and convenient. If you are looking for barbers near Long Acre, Covent Garden – we have a ye olde solution for you;

Our Pall Mall Barbers shop was established in 1896 and has been delivering excellent services thanks to our expert team of barbers near Covent Garden ever since. We are located at WC2H 7EP in Trafalgar, punch that into your maps and make your way over for a royally good haircut.

Barbers in Covent Garden
Clemence is one of the most requested barbers at PMB

Barbers near The Strand

Where is The Strand?
The Strand is a major road through the City of Westminster, central London.

How far is Pall Mall Barbers from The Strand?

Walk – between 3 and 8 minutes depending on where you are
Go to 27 Whitcomb Street, Trafalgar, London, WC2H 7EP
Besides being a popular place to purchase on a Monopoly board, The Strand was once the home of the aristocracy. Authors such as Charles Dickens and actors throughout the ages. You needn’t be stranded looking for good barbers near the Strand. We are located 2 minutes away on the other side of Trafalgar Square at WC2H 7EP. Established barbers near the Strand are difficult to come by and Covent Garden barbers generally tend to be relatively unreliable in terms of reputation. That’s why Pall Mall Barbers, the oldest barbers near Covent Garden and the best barbers near the Strand, stands out tall and proud ready to serve you.


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