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Celebrating 300 Years of Experience at Pall Mall Barbers


Here at Pall Mall Barbers, our staff hold over 300 years of professional and international barbering experience.

Our team is the biggest asset to Pall Mall Barbers for our huge success and valued customers who continue to revisit. Without them and their vast experience, we wouldn’t be surrounded by a continuous positive working environment. We aim to get the very best from our team, both in enthusiasm and a great working ethic.

Our barbers hosts the great history and heritage of England. Being situated in the capital of England and one of the most beautiful historical cities, our team ensures that we adopt both the culture and historical style that is unique to London.

We take an exclusive approach to each individual client. With a vast variety of experience and skills based in Pall Mall barber’s, we ensure each client’s needs and desires are achieved. Not only do we make sure our client leaves feeling and looking great, we take a great deal of time helping each client achieve this look at home with quick and simple grooming and product advice whilst they are still in the seat. We want our clients to feel exactly the way they do when leaving our barbers every single day at home.

We take a great deal of pride in providing one of the best barbering services in town. No job is too big or small, whether you are wanting a simple tidy up or trim, a full restyle, beard trim or a luxury wet shave. We are happy to provide a full fun and friendly service helping to achieve your desired look.

With a collective amount of 300 years experience, we offer one of the highest quality services around. Providing a vast array of skills, technique and friendly service like no other, our barbers pass this onto all new stars and juniors here at Pall Mall barbers. We are there to offer hands on support to help them to grow within the industry, replicating the same great skill and service, but with their own individual twist of technique.

Whether your barber is younger, new or had years of experience, you will be greeted with the exact service and modern barbering style. We are always incredibly proud of the high level of standards that we provide to each and every customer and all of our staff making sure they represent a true reflection of this.

So why not come in and say hello to our great team! We can offer professional style and advice for any treatment you require. You can also book online or contact any of our four central London barber shops.

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