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Pall Mall Barbers at KP24 Foundation Golf Day

At Pall Mall Barbers, we had the exciting privilege of shaving and trimming some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment and sport, when we went along to the world famous Wentworth golf course. Set in the beautiful county of Surrey this August, Wenthworth golf course has been used by the PGA for many years as one of the tours best courses. It was therefore a delight for the Pall Mall long serving Barbers, and huge sports enthusiasts Adrian and Daniel to take our now infamous pop up barber shop to this iconic venue and provide services before tea off.

Daniel and Adrian had the pleasure of providing services and mingling with some of their sporting heroes Robbie Folwer, Harry and Jamie Redknapp, John Terry, Shane Warne, Didi Haman, Darren Gough and of course Kevin Peitersen himself.
At Pall Mall Barbers, we were proud to be part of such a great event, and to support this fantastic charity. The KP foundation is a great course and raises money for children from 3rd world areas to develop with the aid of cricket.
The KP24 Foundation utilises the power of sport to enthuse a new generation. By connecting a range of international communities with cricket and its life-based philosophies, they help identify young sporting talent and provide life-changing opportunities for those most in need and least financially able. They do this by taking them to world class sporting facilities in Dubai and the UK, while providing access to the very best schools and support of the British educational curriculum.
We had a fantastic day, and always enjoy running our pop up barber shop, particularly for such great causes.
Pall Mall Barbers are proud to assist Kevin and the work of his foundation to give less privileged children the opportunity to achieve their academical and sporting goals. If you have a charity event that you believe the Pall Mall team could help you with then please contact us on info@pallmallbarbers.com
You can also find out more about the KP24 foundation here: www.kp24foundation.com/kp24-foundation/

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