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Pall Mall Barber Shortlisted Mens Stylist of the Year

Mens Stylist of the Year

barby3 Here at Pall Mall barbers, we are excited to announce that our very own barber Michael Barby has been short-listed as a finalists for the Men’s Stylist of the Year Award. This is the first year that the city of London plays host to the award.
Over the last few months, the public have been voting towards who they believe to be their winner. The key attributes the public have been noting towards their vote is those who have a passion and talent for style, reflecting a natural flair and creative vision, something in which we believe Michael demonstrates everyday here at Pall Mall Barbers.
Michael is an extremely talented and innovative barber, intertwining his skills and creativity to create something unique. His attention to detail and twenty plus year experience within the industry has established him as a customer favourite. Not only does he possess an all around talent for styling hair, he is renowned for his dab hand at the latest trend of beard styling and shaping.
barby4As the hair and beauty industry rapidly expands, The London Hair and Beauty Awards is a great opportunity to appreciate and applaud some of the most talented professionals in the business. The awards aim to acknowledged those who truly reflect talent and flair, taking time and dedication to leave their clients feeling amazing.
Following the success of previous years, the London Hair and Beauty awards was launched. The Hair and Beauty Awards is still ongoing in a handful of other cities including Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast, some of which are celebrating their 4th of 5th year. It is a great opportunity all across the UK to recognise talent and encourage them to come forward to showcase their techniques. The awards offer a fantastic platform for fellow beauticians, barbers and hair stylists to receive the recognition they deserve for their continuous talent and innovative skills.
The event this year will be held at London’s Marriott hotel, situated in Mayfair on Sunday 11th October. It is an evening to commemorate and acknowledge the impeccable talent that is provided across the city.
There is some fantastic talent nominated for this years awards, across of border of genres within the hair and beauty sector. On Sunday 11th October we will be eagerly waiting to hear the announced winner for the stylist award. We are wishing the best of luck to Michael and hope to hear him crowned as this years winner of the Men’s Stylist award.

Find out more here: www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02msv1l/player

“Images by Agenda at www.visualmarvelry.com

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