Being a gentleman in our modern world is tough, so we have put together the Pall Mall Barbers guide on the ultimate man’s man accessories.

Being a man’s man today involves far more than displaying the appropriate charisma, etiquette and personal style; it also incorporates the importance of preserving good male grooming standards at all times.

We have a range of luxurious products which guarantee you possess great skin, hair condition and smell amazing at all times.

A man’s man would never be seen dead with more than a day’s worth of unkempt facial hair stubble.

Our Sandalwood & clove beard pack for men has been expertly designed for you by our Pall Mall Barbers experts. Both the beard oil and moustache wax are made from natural essential oils, providing you with a pure and natural feeling on your skin, as well as your beard and/or moustache.

Our beard oil combines three essential oils to leave skin and hair in excellent condition whilst moisturizing the skin and making hair more manageable.

Scented with out London barbers traditional scent, sandalwood and clove, our beard grooming pack makes for perfect home styling for any man’s man.

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Shaving rash is an absolute no-no for the modern man’s man.

Our delicious smelling sandalwood and clove hydrating shaving cream includes prickly pear seed oil and jojoba oil, ensuring the perfect shave for even the most sensitive skin.  This is one of the absolute must man’s man accessories.

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Some of the irritated skin symptoms seen on skin are caused by shaving are caused by blocked pores. Our pre-shave scrub perfectly preps the skin for shaving, allowing for a smoother and closer shave.


Our sandalwood and clove cologne with base notes of sweet vanilla and tobacco is the ultimate scent for the man’s man. The subtle hint of cloves and rose spiced with cardamom and almond ensures you smell like a real man’s man all day.


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