In rebellion against the apparent downfall of men, we’ve put together a step-by-step foolproof plan on how to be a man.

Being a man does not necessarily mean we have to be rich, have huge muscles or be an old school chauvinist, but it does require us to go back to basics and remind ourselves why we were men in the first place, and remember why the ladies loved the traditional gentleman.

  1. Recognise when you’re wrong and say those two simple words: ‘I’m sorry!’
  2. Never date a friend’s sister unless you intend to marry her
  3. Never start a conversation with unidentified males at urinals
  4. Never use emoticons when texting or Facebooking male friends; this is barely OK when messaging ladies
  5. Never date a friend’s ex-girlfriend or ex-wife without asking for his permission first
  6. Always maintain hygiene even if working from home or living in a secluded cave
  7. Never propose to a lady without asking for her father’s permission first
  8. Take care of your mind, body and soul; a healthy and strong man is ready for anything the world throws at him
  9. Put your family and loved ones needs ahead of your own sometimes
  10. Be ambitious; whether in work or personal life. Goals help a man, and those around them, understand who they are and where they are going
  11. Always take responsibility for your actions; this includes everything from apologising when you make mistakes to taking responsibility for an unplanned child
  12. Always be a gracious loser
  13. Learn how to talk to your loved ones; yes, this means calmly telling them when you are upset, annoyed or angry and why
  14. You don’t have to be a millionaire, but you do need to have a steady income or be constantly looking in times of unemployment




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