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Winter skincare tips for men

winter skincare tips for men

Contrary to popular misconceptions, it’s actually the winter months which are guilty of drying out and damaging our skin due to harsh weather, heating, hot showers and hot baths in our attempts to warm up after braving our often Baltic London winter weather conditions. Here are our winter skincare tips for men.
winter skincare tips for men

Winter skincare tips for men

Wash your face and body with lukewarm water rather than hot to avoid further stripping your skin’s essential oils, which are required in order to keep your skin hydrated.
Immediately after showering and washing your face, apply your moisturiser. Your moisturiser should be specific to your skin type.
winter skincare tips for men shave set
Skin is more delicate and sensitive during the winter; using expert shaving products can really help minimize further reddening or irritation to your skin, such as our 3-Step Shave System
Having the heating on dries the air, so consider investing in a humidifier, particularly for your bedroom, to help prevent your skin from drying out whilst you sleep.
We tend to get more dehydrated during the winter due to switching water for coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Drinking hot water with fresh lemon is a great way to rehydrate, keep warm and detox your body all at the same time. Studies suggest warm water with lemon first thing in the morning helps flush toxins out of the body, therefore helping to keep your skin blemish free.
Remember to exfoliate at least once a week to remove dirt and dead skin cells. This helps keep skin smooth, and allows moisture to be absorbed. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips as well before applying a good quality lip balm to avoid uncomfortable drying and cracking of the lips.

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