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Get the Look – Daniel Craig

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Daniel Craig certainly makes a smooth James Bond, and his dapper dress sense and sharp hairstyle helps. It certainly won’t get too messed up when he’s chasing those criminal masterminds!
To get this short, easy to maintain look here are our Get the Look tips.

How to Get the Daniel Craig Haircut

Book into Pall Mall Barbers, or any other professional barber and ask for a number 3 to 4 back and sides, then blend using clipper and scissor over comb techniques. The blend should be as smooth as one of James Bond’s chat up lines.
Like Daniel Craig himself, his hair has a smooth, even cut through the top, leaving just a little bit more at the front, this is so the hair can be pushed slightly to one side.
Then add texture by point cutting into the hair when dry or lightly razoring the ends of the hair when wet. Texture is the key to this cut, without it the top of the hair will look bulky.
Finally line out leaving the hairline as wide as possible and give a tapered finish.
If you’d like to get the Daniel Craig haircut with us, book an appointment with one of our men’s hairdressers, you can do that online here or phone one of our barber shops – here are the contact details.

How to Style Your Hair Like Daniel Craig

Once your hair is cut as above, to complete the look, style as follows.
Blow dry your hair using a small round brush to one side and slightly back. To get the matted, natural, carefree look on the hair but with a light hold use Pall Mall Barbers Flexible Shine – it’s a great product that you can buy in any of our London barber shops or online here, along with a full range of other men’s hair styling products.
If you’d like to see a video of how much to use, an exactly how to apply it, here’s Dan from our Fitzrovia barber shop demonstrating it in a video below

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