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How To Get Ryan Gosling’s Haircut

a movie still from la la land with emma stone and ryan gosling dancing

If you are looking for how to get Ryan Gosling’s haircut, then you’ll find everything you need in our complete guide to this Hollywood hairstyle. 

Our expert barbers will tell you how to ask your barber for Ryan Gosling’s haircut, how to style your hair like Ryan Gosling’s, and show you how to cut your own hair like Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling’s Hair Cut & Style

Ryan Gosling, star of hit films Drive, The Notebook, La La Land, and Stupid Crazy Love, has made the best dressed and sexist movie stars list numerous times.

He is known for his masculine style and handsome hairstyle. His signature cut, which is in a lot of his films and red carpet appearances, is short back and sides with a point cut on top.

Thankfully, with a good barber, like our team at Pall Mall Barbers, you can easily achieve this Hollywood haircut.

Ryan Gosling hairstyle - how to get the look


Who Would Suit This Hairstyle?

This haircut is ideal for anyone with a cowlick at the front of their hair but works with most hair types. Our barbers recommend this style for mid to fine-straight hair.

One of the main advantages of this haircut is that you can look smart for work by brushing your hair through with a small round brush. Add a spritz of styling spray on it to keep your style looking fresh all day.

Or you can go for a more casual look by using a styling product, like Flexible Shine, through the mid-lengths and ends when blow-dried.


How To Ask Your Barber For A Ryan Gosling Haircut

First things first, you’ll need to book into your local barbers for a wash and cut. You might need to book in for a restyle depending on your length of hair, but your barber will be able to help guide to.

Your barber will probably start by scissor-cutting the back and sides of your hair to achieve Ryan Gosling’s famous haircut. That’s because scissor cutting gives a softer finish than the clippers.

Then leave the fringe (bang) slightly longer and have an even scissor cut throughout the top section of the hair. The haircut will then be connected and lined out.

Depending on your hairline, it may be beneficial to have some clipper-over comb around the nape of the neck.

a man sitting down in a barber chair having his hair combed

How To Cut Your Hair Like Ryan Gosling

If you know how to cut hair yourself and want to know how to get a Ryan Gosling haircut, here are the steps:

  1. Scissor cut the back and sides
  2. Scissors cut through the top of the hair
  3. Leave the fringe slightly longer, and trim as necessary

We’ve got a great video explaining this for you, so check out the Ryan Gosling hairstyle here.


How To Get Ryan Gosling’s Hair, La La Land

For the blockbuster movie, La La Land, Ryan’s hair was styled completely differently from his usual haircut. 

For Ryan Gosling’s La La Land haircut, ask your barber to scissor cut your hair to around 2 inches but leave it slightly longer on top. Then comb back all of your hair and cut around the ears for a natural look. 

a movie still from la la land with emma stone and ryan gosling dancing

Photograph: Dale Robinette/AP


How To Keep Your Hair Looking Like Ryan Gosling’s?

Once you have the cut, you’ll need to keep your hair styled too. Here are our expert barbers’ tips on how to replicate this particular Ryan Gosling Hairstyle:

“Use a styling clay, like our Pall Mall Barbers Flexible Shine for the messy, textured look that Ryan Gosling often sports. It’s easy to wash out but keeps your style looking natural all day without stiffness.”

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