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Get the Look – Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson may not be known for his well groomed, dapper appearance but his mop has been the subject of much discussion in the past. It’s been wondered whether he cuts it himself and whether he actually likes it looking a mess!
At Pall Mall Barbers, we’ve been lucky enough to cut the Mayor’s hair once and got the distinct impression that Boris Johnson knows what he wants and likes a relaxed style, even though discussion of his hair cut took second place to the cricket match playing on Sky Sports at the time!
Boris was a true gentleman and very down to earth, and we’ve since learnt that he now uses an inexpensive barber closer to City Hall, which comes as no surprise to us.
His tousled messy signature look sets Boris Johnson apart from almost every other politician, and we believe is probably a conscious decision reflecting his slightly rebellious streak.  It’s this attitude that has brought him huge respect and success.

To start this Get the Look, you need to ask your barber to leave two inches length on top and let them know you wish to keep the side parting. The length around the ears is just touching the top of the ears instead of being cut clear of it which doesn’t look so freshly cut and keeps it looking soft, natural. The sides are not tapered in but rather kept straight. Boris’s hair is very soft in texture which doesn’t require too much point cutting, but some is needed to get rid of any lines and clumps in the layers. Normal to thick hair will need more point cutting to reduce weight and thickness.
To style the hair use a small round brush when drying to push the hair over to the side at the front and back off the face. This will give you some lift at the front also. When dry, apply some of Pall Mall Barbers very own Pliable Clay to your fingertips for a few seconds to warm and soften the product and make it more pliable. Rake your fingers through the length on top of your hair first to spate layers and then to lift the hair at the front. Then with the remainder of product on your fingertips apply to sides rubbing back and forth to add movement in true Boris Johnson fashion!
Here’s a video shot in our Fitzrovia barber shop with Dan demonstrating exactly how to apply Pliable Clay and style your hair with it, and if you want to buy some, call into our Central London barbers shops or get it online.
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