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Westminster Barbers Team’s Gents Looks

Best Barbers in Westminster

Our fantastic Westminster barbers team at our shop on Palmer Street, just off of Victoria Street, tucked between St James’s Park, Victoria and a short stroll from nearby Belgravia and Waterloo, are always on hand for beard trimming, wet shaving, men’s haircuts and styling – each sharing the expertise of a top barber to provide amongst the best service in all of Westminster.
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Jack, one of the most requested barbers in our Westminster barbers shop, has created some fantastic looks for our clients at Pall Mall Barbers. Take a look at the fantastic 20s inspired pompadour – a much requested look in the past few years.

To get this look, book in for a skin fade – ask for a fade on the back and sides, ensuring the back isn’t taken too high. Plenty of length is needed on top for home styling – use a small round brush, blow-drying the hair into the centre, and brush a small amount of pomade through the hair.
Jack has also created this modern slick, swept back look – easy to recreate at home, it is inspired by classic haircuts.

Ask for a number one fade on the back and sides, with a scissor cut on top, leaving the front longer and going shorter towards the back. On damp hair, apply a small amount of pompadour paste through mid-lengths and ends, and blow dry into place.
Another member of our excellent Westminster barbers’ team is Ben. Ben is one of the best barbers working in Westminster today. He has created this modern take on the classic comb parting.

Ask your barber for a disconnected skin fades on the back and sides – ensure the right-hand side is taken shorter and disconnected, and ask for a razor part. To style at home, use a small amount of flexible shine product on damp hair to keep it looking cool and tidy.
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