Although we constantly hear people saying phrases such as ‘We should not judge a book by its cover,’ we all subconsciously do precisely just that, and often judge someone on first impressions communicated to us in as little as 3 minutes, so this is why you should always dress for success.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to give money (whether that be charitable donations or tips) to someone who is well dressed. It may seem unfair, but if someone came into your bank to ask for a loan, before hearing the business pitch to keep things fair, would you sway towards giving the loan to the man in the tracksuit, or the man in the smart business suit?  This is why many employers insist on a smart uniform, on the basis you dress for success.

Dressing appropriately is a mark of respect, and shows a level of understanding and being in control of the environment around you. Global entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson could turn up to a meeting in their swimming gear if they wanted, simply because they have already proved themselves to the world and have earned the respect and admiration from millions of people.

If we did not judge people on appearance, we would not make that extra effort to dress more smartly for a new job interview or a meeting with an important potential client or investor.

For first impressions, your outfit is your business card, and will silently communicate how organized, successful, ambitious, trustworthy and in control you are.

Modern trends in men’s fashion allow us to have fun and imprint our own unique charisma whilst you dress for success.

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