The 3 step shaving system from Pall Mall Barbers offers the best shaving products you’ll ever use – ones that will give you a close, smooth shave and will nourish and protect your skin.

The Pall Mall Barbers 3 Step Shaving System has been developed by our team of experienced barbers and their  knowledge has been built up over years in our Central London barbers shop. Our 3 step shaving system comprises of a pre-shave face scrub, a hydrating shave cream and a post shave balm.  All featuring the luxury scent of sandalwood and clove.

Start using these products and you will really notice the improvement in your skin and the quality of your shave.

Pall Mall Barbers Sandalwood and Clove Pre-Shave Cream includes prickly pear seed oil to moisturise the skin whilst Amazonian guarana seeds add texture to the invigorating face scrub. This prepares your skins by getting rid of any dry or deadskin cells on the surface, so that when you shave, your razor gets closer to the skin.

Next, the Sandalwood & Clove shaving Cream also includes prickly pear seed oil with the added moisturisation of jojoba oil, which combine in this hydrating shaving cream to deliver a luxury lather, encouraging the hairs on your face to stand up for a closer shave and the smoothing properties will give you a more comfortable shave too.

Finish your routine with Sandalwood & Clove Post Shave Balm, A cooling shaving balm again featuring the superb prickly pear seed oil which will calm and soothe the skin after shaving. It has the added ingredient of glycerine which will also soften the skin and prevent dry rough patches.

Each of the products in the 3 step shaving system are available individually or as a set, and make a great gift for someone special or why not just treat yourself.  You can buy them on the shaving products page of our website.

We’ve also got a really useful video showing the 3 step shaving system with one of our highly talented barbers going through each step and demonstrating exactly how to use each of the 3 products.

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