A mens shaving brush is so much more than just a simple old shaving brush….. it’s a crucial tool in your shaving ritual to get the smoothest, closest shave possible.

The best mens shaving brush is made out of badger’s hair, which is world renown for its durability and ability to absorb water, unlike horse hair or any other synthetic material. The bristles in our mens shaving brush will soften and lift the hair follicles on your face for a closer, longer lasting shave.

So why not bring a bit of Pall Mall Barbers old school indulgence into your bathroom and treat yourself to a high grade mens shaving brush?

The best way to use a mens shaving brush is to generate a thick, creamy lather.  We’ve got a great video here with Erin demonstrating how to use the Fitzrovia mens shaving brush which is available in three great finishes – an imitation ivory, black resin and an oak.

This particular mens shaving brush is great if you have quite tough stubble as the hair is taken from the back of the badger and is therefore rougher and will encourage your bristles to stand up more.  Watch the video, and Erin will show you exactly how to use it and some great shaving tips and advice.

If you then fancy trying it out yourself, then you can buy the Fitzrovia mens shaving brush here, along with a range of our other mens shaving products.

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