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David Beckham’s Hairstyle – our style tips

David Beckham’s Hairstyle – our style tips

David Beckham’s hairstyle always seems to be changing and over the years he’s certainly entertained some weird and wonderful hairstyles, but at Pall Mall Barbers in London, we particularly liked his retro 50s look.
Whatever style he rocks, he always looks good and he’s the men’s style icon that we get asked most for by our customers – who want to know the best men’s haircut and styling products to use. So we’ve put together this Get the Look of David Beckham’s hairstyle just for you.

Be prepared though, looking this good does take some maintenance even for David Beckham – you’ll need to blow dry and style your hair, but it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes once you get the hang of it.
We’d suggest booking in for a restyle at one of our barbers shops in London for your first appointment and then follow up with a cut and wash every 3 to 4 weeks.  You can book an appointment online here or just phone up one of our barbers shop, Here are their locations.

To get this particular David Beckham hairstyle, your Pall Mall Barber will expertly section your hair off, the clipping then takes place. This is done evenly all the way around. The top of the hair is then cut, starting longer at the fringe (bang) area. Going slightly shorter towards the crown area. Blowdrying is essential to this hair style and a small round brush would need to be used to gain volume and smooth out the hair this should be done with a small amount of Pall Mall Barbers’ Light Dress Cream being applied when damp and before drying. Finally, to finish your David Beckham look, when the hair is dry for a natural look use Pall Mall barbers Pliable Clay to give it a little more hold.

You can buy both products online, on the mens hair styling products page.

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