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How to Find a Good Barber in London

Good barber in London cutting hair

Are you looking for a good barber in London? Where do you start? We know there are loads of barber shops in London, but how do you know which ones a good barber shop and which one you should really avoid?
Without being biased (much..)  because we know we’re great!  Here’s our advice on choosing a good barber in London:

Ask around:
Ask someone whose opinion (and hair) you think is good. Maybe someone you work with, or the guy who serves your morning coffee on the way into work who always seems to have great hair. You may feel a bit embarrassed if it’s a stranger, but to him, it’ll be a huge compliment.  Just say you’re looking for a good barber and need a recommendation. Easy!  Twitter is a great source for recommendations, so why not pose a question to your followers?

Look Online:
Once you’ve got the name of a barber shop in London – maybe from a recommendation, walking past it every day or you’ve picked up a leaflet or promotional voucher somewhere, see what people are saying online.   Google the barber shop name and if they’ve got lots of happy customers, you’ll see recommendations from all sources – Google, Twitter, bloggers, and social media. You may get the odd one from someone who doesn’t seem as delighted as others, but that’s natural… and human nature to moan, but if the vast majority are saying good things, then they’ve certainly got a good reputation.

Ask for a Barber by Name:
If it’s your first visit to a new barber, then phone up and explain what you want, and ask who the best person would be to do that for you. Whilst all barbers should be skilled and experienced, some specialists in certain areas or styles to it’s worth asking.

So if you’ve done all that and tried somewhere other than Pall Mall Barbers (no, really?)  and you’re not happy, then you know where to come next time!
Pall Mall Barbers of course, in our opinion (and our customers) the best barber shops in London.
See details of all our barbers with their photos on our Stylists page.

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