Our Pre Shave Scrub is an amazing product – we’ve blogged about it before and how it prepares your skin for a smoother, closer shave.

As the first step in our unique 3 Step Shaving System, the pre shave scrub contains prickly pear seed oil to moisturise the skin and the added Amazonian guarana seeds add texture to this invigorating scrub. To finish off, we’ve added cocoa butter and shea butter which will lubricate and soothe your skin.

It’s very easy to use our pre shave scrub.  Just wet the face with warm water and apply a one pump dose. Massage it gently into your skin and then rinse with warm water a few times.  With its natural ingredient, it’s ideal for sensitive skin and won’t irritate it.  We’ve got a great video of Erin demonstrating how to use it, so if you’d like to see it, click through to our youtube channel and our pre shave scrub video.

By using a pre shave scrub, you’re getting your skin ready for your shave. It removes dead skin cells, so your razor can get that bit closer to your skin and it opens the pores, so your bristles stand up a bit more.  That way you’ll be able to get a smoother and closer shave. You can get it online or in any of our London barber shops.

So not only do we, and our customers who use it, think it’s a great product, it seems so do those clever chaps over at Modern Barber.  A quarterly magazine devoted to the UK’s barbering industry and written by professional journalists with a background in men’s hair and barbering.  Check out the Modern Barber site.

They’ve featured it in this month’s magazine.  Thanks guys!

Pre-Shave Scrub



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