Grooming Services for Men – New Offer at Pall Mall Barbers

At Pall Mall Barbers we firmly believe in looking our best – from our clothes, to our hair and our personal grooming.  So we’re delighted to be able to offer you some new grooming services for men from our Fitzrovia barber shop in London.

A lot of you have mentioned that you would be interested in a quality shoe care service to keep you looking sharp. We like to give the people what they want, so we met with a few shoe polishers and we’re happy to say that we’ve found the best available in the Jaunty Flâneur. We’ve done a couple of events with them in the past few weeks and the response has been fantastic.

It’s a great fit for us as we’re both focused on delivering a great service using quality products, for all types of grooming services for men. In Jaunty Flaneur’s case, it’s about using a mixture of mink oil renovator cream, to nourish the leather, and shoe cream to return colour to the shoes and get a shine from that all-important beeswax content. That’s all topped off with a beeswax polish to protect against water and dirt, and to deliver that visual impact of a high shine.

We’re offering this grooming service for men from our Fitzrovia barber shop. Just drop your shoes off there and collect them a week later, nourished and gleaming. Prices start from £12 for a standard polish and £24 for a glaçage (glass-like) polish. They will also be offering a full range of high quality cobbler services. If you’ve got great shoes, using a good cobbler is a no-brainer, and regular maintenance is the key to your shoes lasting a lifetime.

For those of you wanting to take care of your own shoes, we’re also working with the Jaunty Flâneur on a range of polishing kits for the shop. That should be dropping in the Summer so keep your eyes open!

Contact details for our Fitzrovia barber shop can be found here.

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