Hairdressing Advice for Men from Professional Men’s Hairdressers

Our experienced men’s hairdressing experts at Pall Mall Barbers know exactly how to get the hair style you want, can advise on styles that will suit you or your type of hair, even what would suit your lifestyle, for example if you’re sporty and always on the go, and need something low maintenance and easy to style. They’ll also suggest which hair styling products to use to keep you hair in tip top condition and get the finish you want.

You may know exactly what you want or perhaps fancy a complete change of hairstyle, whatever your hairstyle of choice, here’s Pall Mall Barbers tips from those knowledgeable mens hairdressers in our central London barbers shops

1.  Why not take a picture with you into Pall Mall Barber of the look you want.  Bear in mind though that your hair may not look exactly like the picture you have brought in with you because of varying hair textures, growth patterns, etc. But your barber will advise you – if they think it’s not the right style for you they’ll tell you why and will suggest something more suited to your hair and face shape.

2.  If you want to have your haircut just as did the last time, then let your barber know how many weeks it has been since it was last cut. This will give them a clear idea of how much to cut off. If you want it to be different let them know how, for example, the front was a bit long last time, too close around the ears, etc. Let them know what you don’t like about your hair and what you do like. Make them aware of any problems you know about, for example, you have a double crown or scars that need to be hidden. Let them know how much time you generally spend on styling and which products you are using. And ask if you are not sure if you’re styling your hair right.

3.  If you are happy with the consultation and the result, ask for styling advice too. Get the name of your barber and ask how often they would recommend you should get your haircut to maintain the style. Leaving it too long between haircuts makes it harder for your regular barber to tell how they cut it the previous time as different parts of your hair grow at different rates. Also seeing a regular barber will help you to find right styles for your hair type as after time they will learn about your hair, and what it will do and won’t. They will also learn your style history and will know what styles you’ve already tried which will enable them to suggest new styles and not the ones you have already tried.

Why not maximise the skills and experience of our hairdressers at Pall Mall Barbers, and get the best professional hairdressing advice for men available in central London on men’s hairstyles and men’s hair styling products.  You can buy them online or book an appointment.



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