Ryan Gosling has had various hairstyles – from cropped to floppy to bleached blond.  Somehow, he always manages to carry it off.

So here are Pall Mall Barbers’ tips on how to replicate this particular Ryan Gosling Hairstyle.  Follow our advice to style your hair into the really popular and classic style of actor  Ryan Gosling – star of hit films Drive, Stupid Crazy Love and Gangster Squad.

This haircut is ideal for anyone with a cowlick at the front of their hair.

One of the main advantages of this haircut is that you can look smart for work by brushing your hair through with a small round brush that has Pall Mall Barbers styling spray on it, or you can go for a more casual look by applying a small amount of Pall Mall Barbers Flexible Shine through the mid lengths and ends when blow dried.

To achieve this look visit Pall Mall Barbers and book a wash and cut or restyle depending on your length of hair.  You can phone us or book online

Have your hair scissor cut on the back and sides; this gives a softer finish than the clippers. Then leave the fringe (bang) slightly longer and have an even scissor cut throughout the top section of the hair. The haircut will then be connected and lined out. Depending on your hairline it may be beneficial to have some clipper over comb around the nape of the neck. We’ve got a great video explaining this for you, so check out the Ryan Gosling hairstyle here.

We recommend Pall Mall Barbers Flexible Shine for the Ryan Gosling hairstyle, which is available from our London barbers shops or you can buy it online on the Hair Products page of our website.

Ryan Gosling hairstyle - how to get the look

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