Down to earth friendly professional service with no pretentious nonsense which you would expect at a barber in this area. Barbers are well trained and experienced and always give a first class hair cut or shave to your requirements and are always happy to give advice for a style that suits. Prices are reasonable too for a barber in this area of London.
Richard C
I have been going to Pall Mall Barbers for nearly three years now and I would not go anywhere else. Having had my hair cut by pretty much all the staff there, all have been excellent. The staff are very personable and the shop has a warm and welcoming atmosphere to it.
I had a wonderful experience at Pall Mall barbers while visiting a friend in London. I had been traveling for a while and was in desperate need of a hair cut. I went to Pall Mall based on online reviews and was very pleased. I had Amanda as my Stylist and she took the time to make sure my cut was to perfection. I loved the attention to detail and the cut is so good that it makes styling it at home very easy (a minimal amount of time). Highly recommended. Very good value for the money as well.
Shane Plossu
I have been coming to Pall Mall Barbers for a while now, and always leave feeling very satisfied. Nikki is great, very attentive and always cuts my hair to how I ask. I would recommend Pall Mall Barbers  to anyone of my colleagues and friends. I am now looking forward to my next visit. Thanks guys!!!!!
Matt Cox
My hair is amongst the most unruly in London but the stylists at Pall Mall Barbers London, approach it with the steady calm of yoga masters, albeit masters with a sharp line in banter and a worldly-wise twinkle in their eye’s!
Barber’s shops in London have had a rough ride of it lately. Perceived as an antiquated art form that’s the reserve of your Grandad’s Dad, or an expressive art form reserved for only the most preening of metrosexuals it would be easy for a modern man to just settle for a short back and sides. Luckily for any Londoner though, this new London barber manages to mix the best old school service-with-a-smile with razor sharp haircuts – with a shop that pays tribute its roots in a thoroughly modern setting. Pall Mall Barbers London is in danger of doing the unthinkable making the barbershop experience enjoyable for men. Just try and keep it between me and you.
Morgan Rees
Since coming to London I have been plagued with overpriced, poor haircuts from “salons”. I never once had my hair cut in a way that I felt comfortable with – that is, until I discovered Pall Mall Barber in London a few months ago. I decided to try a vintage style haircut, was pointed their way and was extremely pleased with the results – my wife even liked the short faded sides! I have since been back many times – these guys are serious technicians and artists, they know exactly how to cut my hair and have great imagination in creating something a bit different each time. I have no plans to visit anywhere else for my haircuts and hope they stay in business, otherwise Ill be left to the mercy of the salon witches…..
Ramon Wodkowski
Try a wet shave at Pall Mall Barbers London – it’s Brilliant in fact “UNBELIEVABLE JEFF”.
Chris "Kammy" KamaraSky Sports
I have been to Pall Mall Barbers  numerous times now over the past 6 months,  and my barber Elias never fails to surprise me with his remarkable service. I would say that they are the best haircuts that  I have  got in my entire life. The atmosphere and the other people working there are absolutely amazing too and they make my time there really enjoyable!
Runi Brockie
I am not famous and worthy of being quoted but I had to write about my haircut I had today. I moved into the area with work this week and had my haircut today by Ausra – it is the haircut I have been waiting all my life for – at the age of 43 I had given up on getting excited about haircuts but that has all changed and I suddenly need to arrange to meet up with everyone I have ever known to show off – please don’t move / put up your prices too much (£13.50 is amazing value) / or let Ausra leave.
David Beck