Ausra – always a smile and always a perfect hair cut. EXCELLENT!!!!
Peter P
Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.
Mark Twain
Richard and Ausra have been making me look presentable since Pall Mall Barbers London, opened in 2005. The staff are welcoming and friendly. They go about their business professionally and efficiently.
Lewis CohenPartnerSpeechly Bircham LLP
Just wanted to send a few words of Thanks to Ben for doing a great job on my haircut and wet shave yesterday. It was my first ‘wet shave’ experience and won’t be the last! I got quite a few comments at my company photo-shoot yesterday, including how there were fewer lines around my eyes; not sure if that was actually the case, maybe the hot and cold towels had something to do with it.
I am not famous and worthy of being quoted but I had to write about my haircut I had today. I moved into the area with work this week and had my haircut today by Ausra – it is the haircut I have been waiting all my life for – at the age of 43 I had given up on getting excited about haircuts but that has all changed and I suddenly need to arrange to meet up with everyone I have ever known to show off – please don’t move / put up your prices too much (£13.50 is amazing value) / or let Ausra leave.
David Beck
I visited PMB for the first time today, searching for the middle ground between overpriced salons and bargain basement hairdressers. Pall Mall Barbers is conveniently located for me as i work in Soho, but thankfully the prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is nothing like the trendy salons dotted all over Soho, the staff are friendly and  really know their stuff. they listen to what the client wants rather than applying a default hipster style to anyone who walks in the door. If you enjoy a barbershop wet shave then i recommend an appointment with Ben at PMB. All in all a wash and cut plus a shave takes about an hour and a half to two hours. Good conversation, excellent barbershop skills – and you walk out into the centre of town looking and feeling good, what more could you ask for.
Clive M.
Top, Top barbers always the nuts of a haircut and fantastic banter!!!!!
Been going to Pall Mall Barbers London, for just over a year now and wont be going anywhere else, Ben’s got to be one of the most discerning barbers in London Town!!
James Whittaker
So much more than an excellent haircut – Good conversation, and in stef case great knowledge of 21st century culture.
Dear Ausra, Thank you very much for the best haircut of my 30 year life, you really know what your doing, I’ll be back!!!
Christopher Adams