I am not famous and worthy of being quoted but I had to write about my haircut I had today. I moved into the area with work this week and had my haircut today by Ausra – it is the haircut I have been waiting all my life for – at the age of 43 I had given up on getting excited about haircuts but that has all changed and I suddenly need to arrange to meet up with everyone I have ever known to show off – please don’t move / put up your prices too much (£13.50 is amazing value) / or let Ausra leave.
David Beck
I have been a customer of PMB for the past few years and I have never been less than happy to recommend it to friends and family. I seriously think the attention to detail to the hair cuts coupled with the good banter is second to none.
Kevin M
I’ve been a regular customer at Pall Mall barbers for a number of years now and have to say this place is great. Conveniently located in central London and with an appointment system in place, I’m guaranteed my usual style/wash and hair cut whenever suits me. The staff are really friendly and I know I’m guaranteed to have some great banter whenever I go which makes the whole experience of simply ‘having my hair cut’ all the more enjoyable. I would recommend this place to a bald guy I think it’s that good!! Defo 5 Stars
Les T.
Coming from Denmark I am usually hugely skeptical of hairdressers/barbers in the UK. However I was pleasantly surprised not only by the atmosphere (which was great,) but also the end product I received at Pall Mall Barbers. I came in without a photo and just conveyed a general idea of how I wanted my hair to look, which is always nerve-wrecking, however they managed to get my hair looking exactly as I wanted it! Pall Mall Barbers have it all, the atmosphere, the people and most of all the expertise leaving you looking sharp as you like.
Jonatan Rasmussen
I have been coming to Pall Mall Barbers for a long time and always leave completely satisfied! I normally have my haircut by Nikki (and others on occasion) and they are all fantastic. The best thing about Nikki is that she listens to exactly what you want! I can’t tell you how many times i have walked out of other hairdressers thinking, how the hell did they manage to cut my hair so short when I asked to keep it longer etc. etc. – but not at this place! All of the barbers are really friendly, and the music they play is always great – cant recommend this place highly enough. I rarely ever review anything but I like this place so much I thought I had to share, so take my advice and give the place a visit.
Pierre Berger
I commute to London for work, and do the same to get my haircut. Best and friendly barbers I have ever been too, 55 miles is a long way to go for a haircut – Says it all really.
Alex Ross
Pall Mall are a  great barber’s in the heart of town with a relaxed and chilled atmosphere. The staff are brilliant (I wasn’t asked where I was going on my holiday) and they know their stuff too – I can’t remember the last time I had a cut throat razor used!
Ashley Bignall
Ausra – I have been coming here over 3years – every time I leave, looking 10 years younger, Thank you.
Nigel Jones
I have been going to Pall Mall Barbers for nearly three years now and I would not go anywhere else. Having had my hair cut by pretty much all the staff there, all have been excellent. The staff are very personable and the shop has a warm and welcoming atmosphere to it.
After several substandard hair cuts at two of the biggest and best known London ‘high end’ salons, I was advised to give Pall Mall Barbers a try. The shop is right near Trafalgar Square and is a century old real barber shop with a comfortable masculine feel – with an edge. They handle all styles from conservative business to the latest 50’s & ‘rock star’ looks. Verdict: Great haircut – including several compliments. Quality service. Friendly staff. Good price. Bottom Line: Would recommend any male to forget the salons and go to a proper barber at Pall Mall Barbers best barbers in town!
Mark Allen