After several substandard hair cuts at two of the biggest and best known London ‘high end’ salons, I was advised to give Pall Mall Barbers a try. The shop is right near Trafalgar Square and is a century old real barber shop with a comfortable masculine feel – with an edge. They handle all styles from conservative business to the latest 50’s & ‘rock star’ looks. Verdict: Great haircut – including several compliments. Quality service. Friendly staff. Good price. Bottom Line: Would recommend any male to forget the salons and go to a proper barber at Pall Mall Barbers best barbers in town!
Mark Allen
Been going to Pall Mall Barbers London, for just over a year now and wont be going anywhere else, Ben’s got to be one of the most discerning barbers in London Town!!
James Whittaker
I have been going to Pall Mall Barbers in London since the day it opened its doors and would not dream of going anywhere else. Richard and his team do a first class job. Great interior to the shop and the location is excellent. Would highly recommend – definitely the best barbers in the West End.
S. Benson
The friendly and experienced staff are keen to offer advice on how to get the best look. I would never get my haircut at any other barbers in London. The decor mixes traditional and modern for a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. I would definitely recommend Pall Mall Barbers to any of my friends who are looking for a great cut and exceptional service.
Christopher Class
Excellent stuff, good conversation and relaxing time spent getting my haircut!!!! A Great relaxing place with great staff – always a good haircut!!! Stef – Cool and Great chat, great at cutting and a joy to be in the company of.
Joe Savage
I have been to Pall Mall Barbers  numerous times now over the past 6 months,  and my barber Elias never fails to surprise me with his remarkable service. I would say that they are the best haircuts that  I have  got in my entire life. The atmosphere and the other people working there are absolutely amazing too and they make my time there really enjoyable!
Runi Brockie
Had been unhappy with my previous hairdressers and started looking for somewhere new found Pall Mall Barbers London – now been coming over a year and wouldn’t think about going anywhere else – Great Haircuts, Chat and service nuff said!!!!
Since I discovered Pall Mall Barbers it has been my hairdresser of choice. Quick and efficient service, very friendly staff and above all, they are all highly-skilled. Never disappointed, always a top-cut.
I chose Pall Mall Barbers after reading some impressive reviews on other websites and they completely fitted my expectations. I’m often disappointed by barbers and hairstylists, also from expensive ones, but I find the Pall Mall Barbers keen to listen to your requests and offer good suggestions, moreover delivering good service at a reasonable price. I chose the Fitzrovia/Warren St shop, where I booked on the phone just one hour in advance and was warmly welcomed from Amanda, who took care of my messy hair smiling and keeping a good conversation. When I came back home, I feared the reaction of my girlfriend (she’s very skeptic about British barbers’ skills) but she was surprisingly happy with my hair cut. Definitely recommended.
Gianpaolo Bucci
I have been utilising Pall Mall Barbers for about 4 years now and I truly believe it is the best barbers in London! I hate the over stylized hairdressers that attempt to be uber cool and prefer the more traditional environment and ethos of this barbers. The staff are super friendly, great atmosphere in the place coupled with up to date contemporary mens styling. I genuinely enjoy going to the barbers for the experience and great value for money. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a haircut in London.‎