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The Wolf Cut: London’s Trending Hairstyle in 2024

The Wolf Cut: London’s Trending Hairstyle in 2024

The hairdressing scene in London is no stranger to evolving trends and dynamic styles. In 2024, the wolf cut has emerged as a standout hairstyle, capturing the attention of fashion-forward individuals and barbers alike. This modern take on the mullet combines vintage flair with contemporary aesthetics, making it a versatile choice for many. Here, we delve into what makes the wolf cut so popular, how it’s styled, and why it’s become a favourite in the bustling streets of London.

What is the Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut is a fusion of the classic mullet and shag, characterized by longer sides and back paired with textured, voluminous layers on top. This hybrid style is designed to offer a rugged yet refined look, suitable for various hair textures. Its adaptability and unique structure make it a prime choice for those seeking a fresh, edgy appearance without straying too far from traditional hairstyles.

Historical Inspiration

The mullet, a prominent hairstyle in the 1980s, serves as the foundation for the wolf cut. The modern twist incorporates the messy, layered aesthetic of the shag, which gained popularity in the 1970s. By blending these two iconic styles, the wolf cut brings a nostalgic yet innovative feel, appealing to both young trendsetters and those with a penchant for retro fashion.

Why the Wolf Cut is Trending in London

  1. Versatility: One of the key reasons the wolf cut has taken London by storm is its versatility. It suits various hair textures—from straight to curly—and can be customized to fit individual preferences. Whether you prefer a more dramatic length difference between the top and sides or a subtle transition, the wolf cut can be tailored to match your style.
  2. Low Maintenance: In a fast-paced city like London, low-maintenance hairstyles are highly sought after. The wolf cut’s messy, tousled appearance means it doesn’t require constant upkeep. Regular trims to maintain the shape and occasional styling with texture sprays or volumizing dusts are sufficient to keep it looking fresh.
  3. Fashion-Forward: Londoners are known for their keen sense of style and willingness to embrace new trends. The wolf cut, with its edgy and contemporary vibe, aligns perfectly with the city’s fashion-forward ethos. It’s a style that stands out yet feels organic, making it a go-to for those looking to make a statement.

How to Style the Wolf Cut

Styling the wolf cut is relatively straightforward, thanks to its messy and textured look. Here are some tips to achieve the perfect wolf cut style:

  • Sea Salt Sprays: Use a texture spray to add volume and definition to the layers. This helps enhance the hair’s natural movement and keeps the style looking effortlessly chic.
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  • Volumizing Dusts: For added lift and body, sprinkle some volumizing dust at the roots. This product is particularly useful for fine hair, giving it the boost needed to achieve the desired volume.
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  • Regular Trims: To maintain the shape and structure of the wolf cut, schedule regular trims with your barber. This ensures that the layers stay defined and the overall look remains polished.

Popular Wolf Haircut Variations

The wolf cut’s adaptability means there are numerous variations to explore. Some popular ones include:

Curly Wolf Cut

What is the Curly Wolf Cut?

The Curly Wolf Cut is a hybrid hairstyle that merges the mullet’s length and the shag’s layers, specifically designed to complement curly hair. It features longer sides and back with textured layers on top, allowing natural curls to cascade and create a voluminous, eye-catching look. This cut maintains the wolf cut’s signature edginess while celebrating the unique texture and bounce of curly hair.

Historical Inspiration

The wolf cut draws inspiration from two iconic hairstyles: the mullet, which was a staple in the 1980s, and the shag, popular in the 1970s. By combining these styles, the wolf cut offers a nostalgic yet modern look. The Curly Wolf Cut, in particular, takes advantage of the natural volume and texture of curls, making it a contemporary update that feels both retro and fresh.

Why the Curly Wolf Cut is Trending

  1. Enhances Natural Curls: The layered structure of the Curly Wolf Cut is perfect for accentuating the natural shape and movement of curly hair. It adds definition and volume, making curls look more vibrant and dynamic.
  2. Low Maintenance: Curly hair can be challenging to manage, but the Curly Wolf Cut offers a solution with its low-maintenance appeal. The layers reduce bulk and make it easier to manage curls, requiring minimal styling effort.
  3. Versatility: This hairstyle can be adapted to suit different curl types and personal preferences. Whether you have loose waves or tight coils, the Curly Wolf Cut can be tailored to enhance your natural texture.
  4. Fashion-Forward: The Curly Wolf Cut is a bold and trendy choice, aligning with the fashion-forward ethos of many style-conscious individuals. It’s a statement look that stands out while being effortlessly chic.

How to Get the Perfect Curly Wolf Cut

Achieving the perfect Curly Wolf Cut involves a few key steps and considerations:

  1. Consult a Skilled Barber London: It’s crucial to find a barber experienced with curly hair and familiar with the wolf cut style. The right barber will know how to layer your curls to maximize their natural beauty.
  2. Discuss Your Vision: Be clear about the length and volume you desire. The Curly Wolf Cut can be customized, so discuss your preferences for the top layers, sides, and back.
  3. Layering Technique: The success of the Curly Wolf Cut lies in the layering technique. Proper layering helps distribute weight evenly, preventing the hair from looking too bulky or flat.
  4. Regular Trims: To maintain the shape and structure of the Curly Wolf Cut, schedule regular trims. This helps keep the layers defined and prevents split ends.

Styling Tips for the Curly Wolf Cut

Styling the Curly Wolf Cut is straightforward, thanks to its inherently voluminous and textured nature. Here are some tips to keep your curls looking their best:

  1. Hydration is Key: Curly hair tends to be dry, so keep it hydrated with a good conditioner and leave-in treatments. This helps maintain the bounce and shine of your curls.
  2. Use Curl-Enhancing Products: Invest in curl-enhancing products such as curl creams, gels, and mousses. These products help define your curls and reduce frizz.
  3. Diffusing for Volume: When blow-drying, use a diffuser attachment to enhance the natural volume and shape of your curls. This helps prevent frizz and keeps the curls intact.
  4. Sea Salt Sprays: Use texture sprays to add extra definition and movement to your curls. These sprays can help enhance the layered effect of the Curly Wolf Cut.
  5. Embrace the Messy Look: The Curly Wolf Cut is all about a relaxed, effortless vibe. Don’t worry about every curl being perfectly in place—embrace the natural, tousled look.

The Curly Wolf Cut is a fantastic option for those with curly hair looking to embrace a trendy, low-maintenance style. Its unique blend of the mullet and shag offers a dynamic and playful look that enhances natural curls. Whether you’re seeking a bold transformation or a subtle update, the Curly Wolf Cut is a versatile and fashionable choice that’s sure to make a statement.

For those in London looking to adopt this stylish cut, visit a reputable barbershop and consult with a skilled barber to ensure you get the best results. Embrace your curls and let the Curly Wolf Cut transform your look this year!

Subtle Wolf Cut

For those who prefer a less dramatic look, opt for a subtle wolf cut. This version features softer transitions between the layers, creating a more blended and understated appearance.

What is the Subtle Wolf Cut?

The Subtle Wolf Cut is a gentler take on the traditional wolf cut, designed for those who appreciate the layered structure but seek a less pronounced difference between the top and the sides. This version creates a seamless blend of layers, offering a smoother, more cohesive look. The result is a hairstyle that retains the dynamic texture of the wolf cut but with an added element of sophistication and ease.

Historical Inspiration

The wolf cut draws inspiration from the 1980s mullet and the 1970s shag, blending these two iconic styles into a contemporary hybrid. While the traditional wolf cut highlights sharp contrasts and pronounced layers, the Subtle Wolf Cut softens these features. It integrates the shag’s layered texture and the mullet’s length in a way that feels modern and wearable for various occasions.

Why Choose the Subtle Wolf Cut?

  1. Sophisticated Aesthetic: The Subtle Wolf Cut offers a polished and refined look, ideal for those who want to embrace a trendy hairstyle without the boldness of the traditional wolf cut. The softer transitions make it suitable for professional settings and casual outings alike.
  2. Versatile Styling: This hairstyle’s versatility is one of its main attractions. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the Subtle Wolf Cut can be adapted to enhance your natural texture. It’s a flexible style that can be dressed up or down depending on your needs.
  3. Low Maintenance: Like its more dramatic counterpart, the Subtle Wolf Cut is relatively low maintenance. The blended layers require minimal styling, making it easy to manage with regular trims and basic haircare products.
  4. Timeless Appeal: The softer, more natural look of the Subtle Wolf Cut ensures it won’t quickly fall out of fashion. It’s a timeless style that offers a fresh, modern twist on classic layered haircuts.

How to Achieve the Perfect Subtle Wolf Cut

To get the perfect Subtle Wolf Cut, follow these steps and considerations:

  1. Choose the Right London Barber: Select a barber experienced with layered cuts and who understands the nuances of creating a subtle, blended look. The skill of your barber is crucial in achieving the desired seamless transition between layers.
  2. Communicate Your Vision: Clearly explain your preference for a softer, more blended version of the wolf cut. Bring reference photos to help your barber understand the look you’re aiming for.
  3. Layering Technique: The key to this haircut lies in the layering technique. The layers should be cut to blend smoothly, avoiding sharp contrasts. This requires a precise, graduated approach to layering.
  4. Regular Maintenance: Schedule regular trims to maintain the shape and structure of your cut. This helps keep the layers looking fresh and prevents split ends.

Styling Tips for the Subtle Wolf Cut

Styling the Subtle Wolf Cut is easy and straightforward. Here are some tips to keep your hair looking its best:

  1. Hydration and Conditioning: Use a good quality conditioner to keep your hair hydrated and reduce frizz. Hydrated hair is easier to style and looks healthier.
  2. Light Styling Products: Opt for light styling products like leave-in conditioners, smoothing serums, and light hold sprays. These products help enhance the natural texture without weighing your hair down.
  3. Blow-Drying Technique: When blow-drying, use a round brush to create smooth, blended layers. This technique helps in maintaining the soft transitions characteristic of the Subtle Wolf Cut.
  4. Embrace Natural Movement: The beauty of the Subtle Wolf Cut lies in its natural, effortless look. Embrace the natural movement of your hair, and avoid over-styling.

The Subtle Wolf Cut is an excellent choice for those seeking a modern, layered hairstyle with a touch of elegance. Its soft transitions and blended layers offer a sophisticated alternative to the traditional wolf cut, making it versatile and easy to manage. Whether you’re looking for a new everyday style or something that can transition seamlessly from work to social events, the Subtle Wolf Cut is a timeless and fashionable option.

For those in London looking to try this chic haircut, visit a reputable barbershop and consult with an experienced barber to achieve the best results. Embrace the subtlety and sophistication of the Subtle Wolf Cut and enjoy a stylish, low-maintenance look that stands the test of time.

Bold Wolf Cut

Go all out with a bold wolf cut that accentuates the contrast between the top and sides. This variation is ideal for individuals who want to make a strong style statement.

What is the Bold Wolf Cut?

The Bold Wolf Cut is an amplified version of the traditional wolf cut, characterized by a more pronounced contrast between the longer top layers and the shorter sides and back. This variation is all about creating a dramatic, eye-catching look with sharp distinctions and exaggerated layers. It’s a daring hairstyle that emphasizes volume, texture, and individuality.

Historical Inspiration

The wolf cut takes inspiration from the iconic mullet of the 1980s and the shag of the 1970s. The Bold Wolf Cut pushes these elements to the extreme, creating a hairstyle that is both nostalgic and cutting-edge. By enhancing the contrast and volume, this version offers a modern twist on classic styles, making it a standout choice for those who want to break away from conventional looks.

Why Choose the Bold Wolf Cut?

  1. Dramatic Aesthetic: The Bold Wolf Cut is perfect for those who want to make a dramatic statement. The sharp contrast between the top and sides creates a striking visual impact, ensuring you stand out in any crowd.
  2. High Fashion Appeal: This hairstyle is favored by fashion-forward individuals and trendsetters. It’s a bold, avant-garde look that aligns with high fashion and street style, making it ideal for those who love to push the boundaries of style.
  3. Versatility: Despite its bold appearance, the Bold Wolf Cut is surprisingly versatile. It can be adapted to suit various hair types and personal preferences, whether you prefer a sleek, polished finish or a wild, tousled look.
  4. Expression of Individuality: The Bold Wolf Cut is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a powerful expression of individuality and confidence, perfect for those who want their hair to reflect their unique personality and style.

How to Achieve the Perfect Bold Wolf Cut

To get the perfect Bold Wolf Cut, it’s essential to work with a skilled barber who understands the intricacies of this style. Here are some key steps and considerations:

  1. Choose an Experienced Barber London: Select a barber with experience in creating bold, layered cuts. The right barber will know how to achieve the sharp contrast and volume characteristic of the Bold Wolf Cut.
  2. Discuss Your Vision: Clearly communicate your desire for a bold, dramatic look. Bring reference photos to help your barber understand the specific style you’re aiming for.
  3. Layering Technique: The Bold Wolf Cut relies on precise layering to create the desired contrast. The top layers should be significantly longer and more voluminous, while the sides and back are cut shorter to enhance the distinction.
  4. Regular Maintenance: To maintain the shape and impact of your Bold Wolf Cut, schedule regular trims. This keeps the layers defined and prevents the style from becoming too unruly.

Styling Tips for the Bold Wolf Cut

Styling the Bold Wolf Cut involves embracing its dramatic nature and enhancing its volume and texture. Here are some tips to achieve the best results:

  1. Volume-Boosting Products: Use volume-boosting products such as mousses, sprays, and powders to add lift and body to the top layers. These products help maintain the bold, voluminous look.
  2. Texture Sprays: Texture sprays are essential for defining the layers and adding a tousled, edgy finish. Apply the spray to damp hair and scrunch it for added texture.
  3. Blow-Drying Technique: When blow-drying, use a round brush to lift the roots and create volume. Focus on the top layers to enhance the height and contrast.
  4. Pomades and Waxes: For a sleek, polished finish, use pomades or waxes to smooth down the sides and back. This creates a sharp, clean look that accentuates the boldness of the cut.
  5. Embrace the Messy Look: The Bold Wolf Cut looks great with a bit of messiness and imperfection. Don’t be afraid to let your hair fall naturally and embrace its wild, carefree nature.

The Bold Wolf Cut is a fantastic choice for those looking to make a powerful style statement. Its sharp contrasts and voluminous layers create a dramatic, eye-catching look that is perfect for fashion-forward individuals and trendsetters. Whether you’re seeking a bold transformation or simply want to embrace a unique, edgy style, the Bold Wolf Cut offers a striking and versatile solution.

For those in London looking to adopt this daring hairstyle, visit a reputable barbershop and consult with an experienced barber to achieve the best results. Embrace the boldness and individuality of the Bold Wolf Cut and enjoy a head-turning look that sets you apart from the crowd.


The wolf cut has undoubtedly made its mark on London’s hairdressing scene in 2024. Its unique blend of vintage and modern elements, coupled with its versatility and low-maintenance nature, make it an appealing choice for many. Whether you’re looking to revamp your style or simply try something new, the wolf cut offers a fashionable solution that’s sure to turn heads.

If you’re considering this trendy haircut, visit one of London’s top barbershops and consult with an expert to achieve the perfect wolf cut tailored to your hair type and personal style. Embrace the trend and let the wolf cut transform your look this year.

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