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How to get the Robert Pattinson hairstyle

The Robert Pattinson hairstyle has drastically changed and fluctuated over the years but nobody quite pulls off the dishevelled look with as much pizzazz and personality as him. We are going to focus on the messy look. If you have ever wondered how he manages to look like he’s just got out of bed while simultaneously entice copious amounts of women to join him in getting back in it; we can confirm that there is real method to this effortless masterpiece.

The Messy Look

In 2016, Robert reverted from rock and roll to heavy metal with jet black dye and combed back hair to hide any roots. Then last year, as he found his face on the cover of GQ, with a classic Pattinson perm consisting of lots of texture, a handful of volume and a vibe of ‘carefree’. This look is one for the guy who wants to give a look of cleanliness, send out a message of purposefulness and potency. Maturity oozes from this style but it will take some time and technique to get it right.

Ge the robert pattinson hairstyle at the best barbers in London
Robert Pattinson Hairstyle

The messy look helps by minimising shampoo in the shower and introducing some mousse into your hair for volume and curl. A few drops of quality oil will help add a shine, and give you the pristine look that Pattinson pulls off so immaculately well. If you don’t want to use oil, ask your barber about pomade because it is excellent for styling damp hair after a wash. Blow drying and combing high but unevenly is a sure way to get the designer-dishevelled look you desire.

What’s the best product to use?

One particular product we would recommend is the Sea Salt Spray which is perfect for a messy, undone look with subtle hold. It not only adds volume and thickness, it makes your hair look effortlessly attractive. You should try to apply the spray evenly onto mid-lengths and roots of towel dried hair and work it through to create texture. Confused? Pop into one of our stores, we are considered the best barbershop in London and our master barbers will be glad to advise you.

Get the Robert Pattinson hairstyle from the best barbershop in London
Pall Mall Barbers Sea Salt Spray

Visit the Best Barbers in London to get the Robert Pattinson hairstyle

Pattinson got his big break in the 4th Harry Potter movie and his wizardry continued long after the cameras went off. His hair is no magical mystery however, and you can pull it off if you are courageous enough. While this style requires a little attention, it’s always good to get set on the right tracks by an expert, experienced, luxury London barber. At Pall Mall Barbers, you can have a chat with our master barbers about the look you want and they can advise on how to acquire it.
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