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Get the Look – Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig Hair

Daniel Craig certainly makes a smooth James Bond, and his dapper dress sense and sharp hairstyle helps. It certainly won’t get too messed up when he’s chasing those criminal masterminds! To get this short, easy to maintain look here are our Get the Look tips. How to Get the Daniel Craig Haircut Book into Pall… Read more »

Get the Look – Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen Hair

Considered by many to be the “King of Cool”, Steve McQueen obviously had a very good barber! In nearly all his photos, his hair is styled from the side to the front and as experienced barbers and mens hairdressing specialists at Pall Mall Barbers, we can tell that this is the way his hair grew…. Read more »

Grooming Services for Men

Grooming Services for Men – New Offer at Pall Mall Barbers At Pall Mall Barbers we firmly believe in looking our best – from our clothes, to our hair and our personal grooming.  So we’re delighted to be able to offer you some new grooming services for men from our Fitzrovia barber shop in London…. Read more »

Flexible Shine & Pall Mall Barbers

 Flexible Shine – Mens Hair Styling Products Flexible Shine from Pall Mall Barbers in London is the mens hair styling product to use if you  want to style your hair like Gary Barlow or George Clooney. It is great if you have thick and coarse hair and you  are looking for a styling product to create messy… Read more »

Styling Products & Pliable Clay

If you are looking for a matte finish to your hairstyle, this is the best product from Pall Mall Barbers to achieve that. Pliable clay is a great hair styling product for men and it will give a natural hold to any mens hairstyle. With Pall Mall’s Pliable clay you are able to create styles… Read more »

Mens Hairstyling Products & Pompadour Paste

Mens Hairstyling Products from Pall Mall Barbers prevent hair loss

 Mens Hairstyling Products & Pall Mall Barbers    If you want a mens hairstyling product that gives strong hold like a wax but with a wet look, then this is the mens hair product to use, Pompadour Paste. It gives a high shine to mens hairstyles like those featured in Mad Men or mens hairstyles… Read more »

Styling products for Mens – Texture Enhancer

Styling Products – Texture Enhancer & Pall Mall Barbers   At our barbers’ shops in London, we sell a range of men’s hair styling products. Everything from hair clay, mud, gel, creams and more and we would be delighted to explain you how to use this styling products. The Pall Mall Barbers Texture Enhancer is a great… Read more »

Mens straight hair tips

Pliable Clay 100ml

Mens straight hair tips   I really hope you get a chance to answer this, because I can’t get across to you how much my bad hair gets me down. I struggle with it every day. Its dry, its fluffy without product, and an unmanageable mess with product! It’s EXTREMELY straight; any length on the… Read more »

How to style like Hugh Jackman

How to style like Hugh Jackman – actor in Les Miserables, X-men, and Wolverine. All the hairstyling tips you’ll need to look like Hugh Jackman from… Hugh Jackman stars as Jean Valjean, a Frenchman released from Toulon prison after 19 years of imprisonment for stealing bread and failed attempts of escaping from the prison. Around… Read more »