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Best Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

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If you have booked a consultation session with Pall Mall Barbers before, you would know that our barbers take the face shape of a client very seriously to recommend the best hairstyles for them. After all, the best haircut or hairstyle accentuates your best features well to bring out your top look. Let’s not also forget that a poorly chosen men’s haircut cannot be undone overnight!

So, face shape matters! Studying one’s face shape helps a person figure out a haircut that will bring out their attractive features, emphasize smaller features, and downplay overly prominent features. So, in this article, as the best barbers in London, we will help you figure it out.

While studying your facial features by yourself is a great way to decide the most suitable haircut, you can always ask the best barber near me for some expert recommendations too. Best products for best hairstyles?

What’s My Face Shape?

Generally, face shapes are categorized as,

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Heart
  • Triangle

An expert men’s barber would be able to identify your face shape instantly after a quick look at your features. But, you can do it yourself too! So, how do you figure out your face shape? One way to do it, if you need a precise approach, is to take the measurements of the,

  • Face length: The centre of the hairline to the tip of the chin.
  • Forehead width: The distance across your forehead taken from the widest point.
  • Jawline width – Distance from the base of your jaw to the other end.
  • Cheekbone – Distance from the hairline above the cheekbone to the other end of the same point.

Otherwise, take a look at the common types of face shapes shown in the picture below and try to identify them. Of course, you would need a mirror for this purpose!

Oval-shaped Face

How does it look?

The length of the face is longer than the width of your cheekbones, and the forehead is usually wider than the jawline. The jaw is more rounded, and the overall outline of the face will not have sharp corners.

If you fit into the oval-shaped face, we have good news for you! People with oval-shaped faces can look great in a wide range of haircuts. A lot of men’s hairstyles go well with oval-shaped faces, so it mostly comes down to your preferred look. You can either settle with a classic look that goes well for any occasion or even choose to try a drastic men’s haircut! The thing is, it’s unlikely that a haircut can look bad for oval faces, giving gentlemen more opportunity to experiment. But, do make an appointment with the best barbershop in London!

What are the best hairstyles?

But, if we talk a bit about some go-to hairstyles for oval shape faces, pompadour and quiff make it to the top of the list. You can use our Pompadour Paste to achieve the perfect look.

Even messy haircuts, slick backs, and comb-overs work well. Leaving more volume on the sides can help you achieve a more balanced look and downplay the elongated shape. In this case, what you need is Pall Mall Barbers’ Light Dressing Cream.

Are you a fan of fades? All kinds of fades, including bald fades, will suit you. If you like long hair, oval shape faces can easily rock a man-bun! So, it’s all about your choice of the best men’s haircuts here.

But, experts also advise avoiding bangs or fringes and to keep your hair off the forehead. Instead, focus more on creating more volume and angled looks on top! Whether you are trying to opt for a neat or messy look, all it requires is a good haircut from the best barbershop near me and some quality products to help you style your hair well.

Round Shape Face

How does it look?

When it comes to round-shaped faces, the length of the face and the width of cheekbones are similar. The jawline and forehead measurements also tend to be proportionate.

As round faces lack sharpness and look blunter than oval faces, you need to get a sharp haircut that brings out your best features. The proportionate length and width of the face, round chin, and full cheekbones mean that you need to think a bit before coming to a decision.

What are the best hairstyles?

Perhaps, one of the best options is swept-back hairstyles with more volume on tops like pompadours and quiffs. It would make your face appear longer and diminish the prominence of cheekbones a bit. Another tip would be to leave the sides as short as possible – maybe opt for a fade!

On the other hand, side-parted hairstyles, high-tops, spikes, and fauxhawks work great with round-shaped faces too. Get the desired look with a great hair styling product like Pomade or Texture Enhancer by Pall Mall Barbers. Some gentlemen prefer to sharpen their look with short styles like buzz cuts and a full beard. Long hair might look fine but do remember that it can impact the width of the face as much as the length.

Essentially, our expert men’s barbers highlight high-volume hairstyles that you can achieve with a good blow-dry and some Light Dressing Cream by Pall Mall Barbers. Alternatively, asymmetric haircuts and angular fringes can help you alter the proportionate look of the face! But not everyone prefers fringes or side-swept bangs, right? So, if you are having a hard time figuring out what men’s hairstyle suits them best, ask our best barbers in London. You can talk to them, explain your preferences and land on something that you like! Best products that suit you?

Square Shape Face

What is it?

Acclaimed as the masculine icon of face shapes, square shape face is defined by the sharp jawline, square forehead, and wide-set bone structure with straight sides. Square-shaped faces have sharp curves and have a more proportionate length and width.

One point to note is to keep the sides shorter to avoid enhancing the width of the face. Using the right product also plays a great role here in achieving the desired look.

What are the best hairstyles?

A lot of haircuts and styles effortlessly look good with it, offering you a lot of room for experimentation. Neat and tight cuts will make you look dashing and messy styles can give you a rugged appeal.

Side-swept haircuts are highly popular as they make your face look more asymmetric, edgy, and stylish. You can achieve a slick and polished side-swept look with our Flexible Shine Paste. If you have messy hair and want to opt for a casual look, a bit of our Light Dressing Cream or Sea Salt Spray will do the job!

A buzz cut and a flat top can bring out your facial features very well. Even a slick-back undercut works well in this case. But, if you want to reduce the prominence of the jawline, go with hairstyles that provide more volume on tops like the pompadour, side-swept haircut, combe-over, or textured quiffs. Layered haircuts work better as they add more definition and movement to the overall look.

Finally, pairing your haircut with a full or light beard can make you look even better, adding a rough touch. However, it’s completely up to you. Best barbers at Pall Mall Barbers can help you decide what works best!

Diamond Shape Face

What is it?

A sharp cheekbone structure, tapering jawline, pointed chin, and longer length defines diamond-shaped faces. It sits in between oval and square faces, but unlike them, it needs more attention and thought when picking a good hairstyle. This is because the cheekbones are wider, and the jawline is much narrower compared to the forehead width. So, you need a haircut that softens the features a bit.

For diamond shape faces, more bulk on top is essential to reduce the difference in width between forehead and cheekbones. At the same time, some volume on the sides is ideal.

What are the best hairstyles?

Textured haircuts work well because they add more volume on the sides, downplaying the length and creating a more squared appeal. Even side-swept or comb-over haircuts look great on this face shape. Some prefer to add angular fringes for a sportier look.

Another star character of the diamond-shaped face is its ability to rock a lengthy hairstyle! You can go with a mid-part shag, man-bun, or a messy wavy look with our Pall Mall Barbers’ iconic Sea Salt Spray. Many gentlemen with this face shape prefer to main a casual and slightly messy look as it softens their sharp features.

However, if you want to highlight the hairline and facial features, choose from pushed-back hairstyles, spikes, or fauxhawks. Choosing hair styling products that have a flexible texture and offer a stronghold at the same time is important. They make it easy to style your hair while helping you get the look without a hassle. Our Pomade, Pliable Clay, and Flexible Shine Paste are some great products to try!

Heart Shape Face

What is it?

The most distinct feature of heart shape faces is the contrast of the wide forehead and narrow and pointed chin. To put it in another way, the width of the face recedes from forehead to jawline. Think of an inverted triangle. For this reason, the best haircuts for the heart-shaped face are ones that balance these features well.

We recommend you go for a haircut that retains more volume on the sides to compensate for the broad forehead. So, it’s best to avoid shaved sides and tight fades.

What are the best hairstyles?

Textured haircuts that make your hair look fuller and voluminous with layers are an ideal choice. Long to medium-length side-part can help you hide the hairline. You can even go with bangs or a fringe to downplay the prominence of the top part of your head.

If you want to make your hairline more prominent, push-back hairstyles like pompadour, quiff, or soft spikes can work. But, it’s best to use products that help you achieve a natural look to add more dimensions. Sea Salt Spray or Light Dressing Cream by Pall Mall Barbers are great options.

Triangle Shape Face

What is it?

Triangle shape face is also very similar to heart shape face in features, but it’s the prominent jawline that sets them apart. The face features a narrower forehead, straight-like cheekbones, and a wider jawline. So, what this means is that you need a hairstyle that provides more volume at the top, compensating for the width of the jawline.

What are the best hairstyles?

Medium-length hairstyles work best for triangle-shaped faces. Textured haircuts can bring out the attractiveness of your face shape well as provide a defined look. Think textured crew cut, textured curly top, textured side part with a mid-fade, or swept-back haircut! In this regard, our barbers in London highly recommend you use Luxury Texture Enhancer by Pall Mall Barbers to bring out the layers very well.

Alternatively, you can also choose styles that reveal the forehead, like pompadour and quiff. Side or angular fringes go well with your face, but high and tight fades do not!

What You Need to Know

Well, one thing you might know already is that every face is unique. So, in some cases, it could be difficult to say, with surety, where your face belongs! Don’t worry. It’s all about studying your features individually or as a whole to figure out what hairstyle suits you best. In our opinion, it’s better if you visit the barbershop near me and consult with your best barber.

Pall Mall Barbers offer in-depth consultation services to help clients receive the best services. One of our expert barbers will help you pick a good haircut that brings out your best features well. We also have our range of high-quality, premium hairstyling products to help you style your hair easily! Book an appointment with us today!


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