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Movember Moustache – Tom Selleck Magnum

Movember Moustache – Tom Selleck Magnum

Pall Mall Barbers & Tom Selleck Moustache – Movember – Part 4

With the very beginning of Movember, Pall Mall Barbers pays tribute to the great of facial hair ” The Magnum Moustache” Tom Selleck has appeared in more than fifty film and television roles since his initial success with Magnum, P.I., including a co-starring role in the highest-grossing movie of 1987, Three Men and a Baby; Quigley Down Under; Mr Baseball; and Lassiter, to name a few.

Source: Flickr (Tom Selleck)

Selleck has also appeared as Dr. Richard Burke on Friends, where he played the on-again, off-again love interest of Monica Geller (Courtney Cox), and A.J. Cooper on Las Vegas. Authoritative yet warm, pronounced but not ironic… bristly, but plump enough to minimise tickle, it’s emblematic of a masculine ideal.

What Tom Selleck has isn’t a moustache? It’s a moustache piece. This is why.

Growing a moustache is the only thing men can do that women can’t. It separates us from the boys we used to be. We can all do it – to varying degrees of success – and yet it is too often a folly. Selleck’s moustache exudes qualities to which, as men, we once aspired.

It is faintly luxurious, full and confident, announcing that the wearer is strong, decent and loyal in a way that other moustache-wearers of the age are. Yet Selleck’s moustache is elevated, has become separate from Selleck and assumed its own meaning – that of power, dependability and goodness.

” I’m the sexiest moustache to ever grace a face. Warning! I am not Tom, I am his Moustache. I do not speak for Tom as we are two separate entities. I just thought you’d like to know.”

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