If you’ve ever visited Pall Mall Barbers, you’ll know that in the inside of our salons is styled very much in keeping with the traditional barber shop interior.  We’re very proud of our barbering heritage and whilst our skills and expertise are very much 21st century, we like to stay true to the wood paneling,  lean over sinks and swivel chairs of a traditional barber shop.

This is probably why we’re often used as the backdrop in photoshoots, interviews and filming.  Many a famous face has been in our barber shop, sometimes as a client (although we’re keeping schtum on exactly who our famous clients are), but sometimes as the star of their own show.

One recent photoshoot featured British actor, Tom Hiddleston. You’ll no doubt recognise him from the Thor films, but in the photos shot inside our Trafalgar Square barber shop he looked much more dapper, and was really quite charming.

If you’d like to read the full article and see more pictures of Tom, click here.

Another traditonal barber shop trait you’ll find in our London salons, is the banter!  So if you’d like experience that for yourself, book an appointment for one of our modern cuts or wet shaves in a traditional barber shop environment, book online or give us a ring.

You’ll also find the full range of our luxury shaving, haircare and grooming products online.  We’ve recently launched the Sandalwood and Clove professional shaving products after years of product development, brand refinement and customer feedback, like the 3 step shaving system. Why not try some for yourself.  They’re available in all our traditional barbers shops in London but also on our website

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