Mens Hairstyling Products & Pall Mall Barbers 


If you want a mens hairstyling product that gives strong hold like a wax but with a wet look, then this is the mens hair product to use, Pompadour Paste.

It gives a high shine to mens hairstyles like those featured in Mad Men or mens hairstyles from the 1940s.

Slicked back hairstyles can be kept in place with a high sheen look similar to Frank Sinatra.

This video give tips on which mens hairstyling product to use and advice on how to use it, such the measure of the perfect amount to use , how to get it shine or manipulate and separate the hair into the desired style

The Pompadour Paste can be bought in any of the Pall Mall Barbers stores in London or online at… where we have a full range of mens hairstyling products.

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