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Pall Mall Barbers: A Head to Toe Service

Many of our customers often talk to us about the need for a quality shoe care service to help keep them looking sharp from head to toe. And since we always like to give the people what they want, we arranged some meetings with a few shoe polishers in town and are now pleased to announce that we have  found the Jaunty Flâneur – the very best of the bunch. We have  already done a couple of events with them in the past few weeks and the response to their shoe polishing service has been fantastic.Our collaboration with the Jaunty Flâneur is a true meeting of minds: we’re both committed to delivering a great service using quality products. In the Jaunty Flâneur’s case, it’s about using a mixture of mink oil renovator cream to nourish the leather, and shoe cream to return colour to the shoes and get a shine from that all-important beeswax content. This is then topped off with a beeswax polish to protect against water and dirt, and to deliver that visual impact of a high shine.
Their polishing service is available from next week at the Fitzrovia store, so just drop your shoes in with us and then pop in and collect them a week later. Prices start from £12 for a standard polish and £24 for a glaçage (glass-like) polish. They’ll also be offering a full range of high quality cobbler services. If you’ve invested in a pair of shoes, using a good cobbler is a no-brainer and regular maintenance is the key to those kicks lasting a lifetime.And for those of you keen to take care of your own shoes at home, we’re also working with the Jaunty Flâneur on a range of bespoke polishing kits to be sold in our stores. The kit should be dropping in the summer, so watch this space.

Just call us your all-round concierge service…

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