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Our Barbers in West London’s Top Picks for Lunch in Paddington

This June marks the opening of our brand-new branch of Pall Mall Barbers in West London. More specifically, Paddington. Even more specifically, 1a Paddington Central, Sheldon Square, London, W2 6PY. Thanks to Crossrail, Paddington is getting a facelift and you’ll soon have more reasons to visit than just catching the Heathrow Express. Since you’ll obviously be paying us a visit as well, here are some of our new favourite lunch spots to check out while you’re in the area as picked by our barbers in west London.


pergola paddington barbers in west london picks for best lunch in paddington
5 Kingdom Street, W2 6PY
Pergola Paddington is a summertime only affair – though their idea of summer is April to October, which is surely a triumph of hope over experience. Nevertheless, we admire their optimism, so we’ll play along. If you like the idea of Kerb, but not its fleeting visits, you’ll probably love Pergola. It’s basically the same idea: a carefully-curated line-up of self-service food stalls, but with covered seats and a bar. Bookings are positively encouraged because really, who likes queuing up in the rain, only to find out there’s a three hour wait for lunch? “No reservations” joints, please take notice.

Kerb Paddington

Sheldon Square, W2
Kerb Paddington is literally on the doorstep of the new Pall Mall Barbers in West London, and we’re already getting excited. But put it in your diary now, because this one is just a fortnightly affair, and even then, you’ve only got two hours to fill your boots (or line your stomach, more appropriately). Our advice? Have a plan of attack. The website very helpfully lists the line-up of hand-selected traders scheduled for the next market day, so you’ve got plenty of time to debate the merits of steak frites vs tandoori tacos or triple cooked chips vs rosemary fries before you hit the stalls. An informed citizenry is, after all, the cornerstone of a good lunch (said nobody, ever). Our Barbers in West London are sure to be regular vistors.


kupp paddington barbers in west london picks for best lunch in paddington
Unit 53, Merchant Square, W2 1AS
The menu at KuPP can be a bit overwhelming at first glance (Smörgåsbords! Fikas! Västerbotten?) so let’s skip to the important bit for those of you with no time to waste – the short yet sweet lunch menu. £10 gets you an open-faced rye sandwich (otherwise known as Smørrebrød if you’re feeling fancy), potato salad, pickled vegetables and a juice or smoothie. They say that Scandinavians are some of the happiest, healthiest people in the world, and with food like this, it’s no wonder.

London Shell Co.

The Prince Regent, Sheldon Square, W2 6PY
If your last meal on a boat was a boozy office Christmas party aboard a Thames Clipper, banish that memory to the darkest corner of your mind and step into the light. The London Shell Co is the exact opposite of lukewarm turkey dinners and disco – basically, it’s classy and you don’t need to be drunk to have a great time. That said, it’s more of a treat than a place to rock up on your lunch break. As you might have guessed by now, the focus here is the best of British seafood, served so fresh that they don’t even write the menu until a few hours before lunch. With that kind of care and consideration, it would be rude not to give it your full attention, so book ahead and take the afternoon off.

Pearl Liang

pearl liang paddington barbers in west london picks for best lunch in paddington
8 Sheldon Square, W2 6EZ
With its dark wood interior and pink linen napkins, Pearl Liang doesn’t exactly give off a casual vibe, but bear with us. For the price of a baguette and a smoothie at your preferred sandwich purveyor, you can get a takeaway lunchbox from a seventy-strong menu of stir-fries, curries and noodles. Unlike the décor, the lunch menu is nothing fancy, but who needs white tablecloths when you can feast on king prawn rice and barbequed duck for £6.50? Not us – they’re just a few doors down from the shop, so we predict our team of barbers in West London will be frequent visitors.
Our barbers in West London is located in Sheldon Square and will be opening in early June.

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