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Simple Pleasures, Quiet Delights and the Best Haircut in West London

The writer and satirist William Makepeace Thackeray described 19th-century Paddington as “elegant…prosperous…the most respectable district of the habitable globe.” Presumably, he meant it as a compliment. From June 2018, Pall Mall Barbers will be doing our very best to live up to his lofty standards at our newest branch in Paddington Central, Sheldon Square – definitely giving the best haircut in West London, if not the entire habitable globe. Aside from the statue of that famous bear in the station, Paddington is often overlooked by tourists and culture-seeking day-trippers – which is really all the better for those of us in search of quieter pleasures, far from the madding crowds. Here are our favourite diversions (so far) around our elegant and prosperous new home.

Best Haircut in West London

Puppet Theatre Barge

killing time in london best haircut in west london puppet theatre barge paddington
35 Blomfield Road, W9 2PF
The Puppet Theatre Barge has been delighting Paddington with its inventive marionette shows for more than thirty years now, and you don’t need to be a kid (or have one in tow) to get into the spirit aboard the cosy, fifty-five-seat theatre. There’s a regular line-up of thoughtful, original programming aimed squarely at adults looking for something a bit out-of-the-ordinary – think humorous twists on your favourite fairy tales, or eerily beautiful shadow puppet theatre performed in complete silence. It’s about as far from Punch and Judy as you can get, so go now.  Why? Because everybody loves puppets!

Floating Pocket Park

killing time in london best haircut in west london floating pocket park paddington
Paddington, W2 1JX
It’s not just a cute name, you know – a “pocket park” is the technical term for a bit of greenery that’s too small for a kick around, but pleasant to eat your lunch in. And as the name suggests, this particular leafy escape can be found floating gently on the waters of the Paddington Basin canal. It’s more than just a space for relaxing on a lunch break, though – the little oasis of calm also has dedicated space for nesting birds, colourful scented flowers, and electric boats for hire, so you can captain your own tour of Paddington, Camden, and Little Venice. So serene, you’ll forget you’re just a stone’s throw from the A40.

Paddington Basin Bridges

S Wharf Road, W2 1NW
Did you know that there’s a special word to describe historical bridge enthusiasts? It’s a “pontist” – come for the best haircut in West London, and stay for the bridge-related facts and figures. Both seasoned and budding pontists alike will be delighted with the modern bridges spanning the Paddington Basin canals. On the far-west side, you’ve got the Rolling Bridge which was completed in 2005 and is still the only bridge of its type in the world. And a few minutes’ walk east gets you a glimpse of the Fan Bridge, which – well, once you see it, you’ll get it. Be canalside at noon on Friday if you want to see them in full, glorious action – as soon as the clock strikes 12, the bridges begin to unfurl slowly, allowing boats to pass and any nearby pontists to marvel at these wondrous feats of 21st-century engineering.

Alexander Fleming Museum

alexander fleming museum killing time in london best haircut in west london
St Mary’s Hospital, Praed Street, W2 1NY
Housed on the grounds of St. Mary’s Hospital, the Alexander Fleming Museum is possibly a niche interest, but there’s no better way to kill an hour precisely between 10 am to 1 pm, Monday to Thursday. The princely sum of £4 gets you a glimpse of the laboratory where scientist Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928 and access to the displays telling the story of one of modern medicine’s greatest innovations. It’s actually more interesting than it sounds – there are more than a few twists and turns in the seventeen-year saga between Fleming’s discovery and his eventual Nobel Prize, awarded in 1945.
The Wallace Collection
killing time in london best haircut in west london the wallace collection
Hertford House, Manchester Square, W1U 3BN
Pall Mall Barbers Paddington definitely gives the best haircut in West London, but you’ll need to go a bit further afield if you fancy some non-canal-based culture. It’s a twenty-minute stroll from our Sheldon Square barbershop, but admission to the Wallace Collection is free, so you can’t say you didn’t get your time or money’s worth. The extensive art and decorative object collection of the 4th Marquess of Hertford (scandalously bequeathed to his illegitimate son) are best known for their 17th and 18th-century French paintings, but there’s plenty to hold your attention if that’s not your thing. Those of a military mindset should check out the rather impressive display of arms, armour, and early firearms on the ground floor. On the other hand, if your mind tends more towards the gutter, head upstairs and hunt down the collection of eyebrow-raising miniatures, tucked away discreetly in a corner display case. We couldn’t possibly say more, so you’ll just have to go see for yourself.

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