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Moustache grooming tips for Movember

moustache grooming tips for movember

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ve no doubt heard of Movember. What started as in Australia with just thirty men is now a global event, with thousands of men growing moustaches each year to raise money for prostate cancer research. We may not be scientists, but we like to… Read more »

How to grow and maintain a moustache

growing a moustache for movember

Growing a moustache for Movember; how to grow and maintain a moustache Whether you’re growing a moustache for Movember or are growing one just because, a stylish moustache for gentleman takes time, love and care to look fabulous every day so here’s a few easy steps on how to grow (and maintain) a moustache; For… Read more »

The real meaning behind Movember


Movember; why we should all know the real meaning behind it Although many people get involved every November and join in by growing a spectacular moustache, many people are still unaware of the reasons why we should all know the real meaning behind Movember. Did you know that wives, girlfriends and sisters can get involved… Read more »

Movember Moustache Shaping Shaving Beard Shaping London

Movember Moustache Shaping Shaving Beard shaping London   The 1970 were the Golden Age of Rock Moustaches. From country singers to avant-garde rockers, practically every notable musician sported serious lip fuzz in our hairiest decade to-date. Hard-rock as a genre is well-represented in facial hair history,  none have worn it more badass than Lemmy Kilmister… Read more »

Beard Trims at Google Events in London

Beard shaping at Google events London

Google events featuring Pall Mall Barbers Those lovely people over at Google like to make an effort and thank their customers by putting on events with special treats and services.  And our talented barbers at Pall Mall Barbers were invited along to a series of these Google events in London. We offered complimentary beard trims,… Read more »

Movember – Moustache Tips.

Moustache Wax

Movember Mousache Tips Cleaning: To keep your Moustache looking clean and healthy use a fine tooth comb to thoroughly comb out and using a small amount of beard oil will leave your Mo with a healthy shine. Shaping: Using small scissors or clippers trim along the bottom of the Moustache following the natural line of your… Read more »

New Shaving Products – Next Level of Shaving Products

Luxury Shaving Products – Sandalwood & Clove Shaving system. Pall Mall Barbers would like to introduce the Sandalwood & Clove three step shaving products series. Pre-Shave Scrub which includes prickly pear seed oil to moisturise the skin whilst Amazonian guarana seeds add texture to the invigorating face scrub. Shaving Cream includes prickly pear seed oil… Read more »

Movember Moustache – Tom Selleck Magnum

Pall Mall Barbers & Tom Selleck Moustache – Movember – Part 4   With the very beginning of Movember, Pall Mall Barbers pays tribute to the great of facial hair ” The Magnum Moustache” Tom Selleck has appeared in more than fifty film and television roles since his initial success with Magnum, P.I., including a co-starring role in the… Read more »

Hulk Hogan Moustache – Movember Hulkamania

Hulk Hogan Moustache – Movember part 3 – Pall Mall Barbers – Hulkamania Hulk Hogan of TNA, WWE, WWF has one of the most iconic Movember moustaches you’ll ever see. What you gonna do when Hulkamania and the Pall Mall Barbers run wild on you brother?  So when our customer wanted a really butch, strong,… Read more »