Men’s hair cut in a classic style is a huge trend for the second year running in 2016.  We love the gentleman’s classic hair look that oozes style, particularly one cut expertly created by our very own Pall Mall Barbers in our team of stylists in our Trafalgar Square barber store.


This classic barber haircut with a hint of retro in the sideburns was created by Clemence at our Pall Mall Barbers men’s barbershop near Jermyn Street.

Our professional men’s hairdressers in Trafalgar Square use only the best luxury men’s personal grooming products for shaving, shaping and fixing styles that hold all day. To achieve the hairstyle pictured, Clemence used Pall Mall Barbers Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner and Pall Mall Barbers Light Dressing Cream.

To achieve a more modern gentleman’s classic style to complement the classic hairstyle, Roderick Charles can also be found on Jermyn Street near Trafalgar Square. They offer a great range of classic, formal and bespoke menswear that would work well on our stylish clients.



The contemporary check tweed jacket here in blue, navy and tan is both a great modern look and classic wardrobe staple.  Gentlemen seeking an all-over classic look that works well for a smart-casual occasion could look great with this design to wear with jeans or tan chinos.

For a more slick and edgy hairstyle, check out this take on the classic cut.  Another current classic hairstyle trend, is the slick Pompadour you can find our clients from our Westminster barber shop wearing around Pimlico, Belgravia to St. James Park, Soho and London’s livelier areas.

Classic Beard Trends in 2016

If you’re considering growing a beard to complement our classic Pall Mall Barbers haircuts, check out our blog on beard trends for 2016.

Whether you are a new or existing barber shop haircuts or personal hairstyling customer, you may not be aware that we are located in four barber shops across London where traditional meets contemporary styling.  Look out for your nearest Pall Mall Barbers store in Trafalgar Square, Fitzrovia, Bishopsgate and Westminster.

Book the salon location and stylist of your choice quickly and easily on our  Booking Pall Mall Barbers Page, or open up your smartphone map to the nearest PMB Location and book your classic barber haircut and new look for the brighter days of Spring.

We also now have our own Pall Mall Barbers app, which allows you to easily check available appointment slots and book appointment times most convenient for you with the stylist of your choice at your nearest Pall Mall Barbers wherever you are in Central London.  Why not take a cut through St. James Park, Covent Garden, or Picadilly to freshen your look with a classic barber haircut to suit you for Spring?

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